Infectious Disease

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  1. What is toxin?
    Like a poison BAD FOR THE BODY
  2. What does a bacteria cell do?
    Get into your body and produces lots of toxins
  3. What happens with a virus?
    Bacteria gets in and affects the cell, once it's in it multiplies!
  4. How do we defend against this?
    White blood cells with phagocytes and antibodies
  5. Name a method of fighting this?
    Ingesting - the white blood cell ingests the bacterium, after ingesting enzymes are released to digest
  6. Second method
    Antibodies are formed by the white blood cells and attach to the antigens to help stopping it
  7. Third way?
    Anti-toxins are produced, these neutralist and make the toxins formed by bacteria harmless
  8. Explain what happens during a vaccination?
    Vaccination involves putting a small amount of an inactive form of a pathogen, or dead pathogen, into the body. they stimulate white blood cells to produce antibodies against the pathogen. Once this has been done the antibody type is saved in the memory cells
  9. Why are vaccinations good?
    Allows memory cells to be produced which leads to a shorter latent period (the shorter time between the pathogen entering the blood and the immune response being formed)
  10. What does MMR stand for?
    Measles, Mumps and Rubella
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