Free Will vs Determinism

  1. What are the key assumptions of free will?
    • Human beings are essentially self-determining and free to choose their own behaviour 
    • Internal and external influences on behaviour can be rejected at will 
    • A person could always have acted differently in a situation
  2. What are the key assumptions of determinism?
    • All human thought and behaviour is controlled by forces outside of the individual's control 
    • These forces could be internal (biological or psychic) or external (environmental)
  3. Suggest an example of behaviour that demonstrates a lack of free will
    • Alien hand syndrome 
    • The patient's hand seems to take on a life of its own caused in part by the isolation of the primary motor cortex from the premotor cortex (biological determinism)
  4. Which approaches would argue that human behaviour is controlled by factors outside of human control?
    • Behaviourism 
    • Psychodynamic 
    • Social Learning Theory
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Free Will vs Determinism
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