Art 101

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  1. tensile strenght
    the ablity of a material to span horizontally dist. with min. support underneath. (puente)
  2. stacking and piling
    bricks, stone, adobe. thicker at bottom, heavier at the top
  3. adobe
    sun-dried. Brick made of clay mixed with straw
  4. post and litental
    structure based in one or more porst, supporting a horizontal crosspiece
  5. Colums
    upright pillar. supports a structure
  6. hyspostile
    interior space filled with rows of colums. support roof
  7. doric
    • doesnt have a base
    • capital is rounded. 
    • stone disk suppports a plane rectangular slab
    • shaft of column is smooth and fluted
  8. ionic
    • shaft is usually fluted and rest on a stepped base
    • capital is carved andin graceful scrolling forms called volutes
  9. corinthian
    • the shaft is fluted and rest on a detail base
    • capital is carved with motifs based on stylized acanthus leaves.
  10. The arch
    curved structure, made of stones. span an opening and it can be semircular
  11. vault
    roof that spans an interior space
  12. barrel vault
    half round arch extended into depth
  13. groin vault
    intersection of two barrel vaults or equal size at right angles.
  14. dome
    convez, curved roof. 360 degrees on vertical axis.
  15. oculus
    opening in a wall or at the top of a dome
  16. portico
    project porch with roof suported vy columbs, often entrance of building.
  17. rotunda
    open, cylindrical interior space, usually covered by a dome.
  18. geosdesic dome
    • invernted by R. BUVKMISNTER FULLER. 
    • based on angles arranged into tetrhedrons
  19. gothic
    • style or architecture in europe, mind 12 to 16cent. 
    • soaring interiors, large stained glass windows.
  20. nave
    cruciform curch, the long space flanked by aisles and leaving from the entrance to the transept
  21. buttres
    exterior support that conteracts the outward thrust of an arch, dome or wall.
  22. flying buttress
    consist of a strut of arch segment running from a freestanding pier to an outer wall.
  23. pier
    vertical support, used to bear heaviest loads in an arched or vaulted structure. A pier may be styled to resemble a bundle of colums
  24. minarets
    a tower forming part of a mosque, people called to pray
  25. pendentives
    curving,triangular section that server as a trans. from a dome and the 4 walls of the rectangular building.
  26. cantilevar
    hirizontal structure. only supported from one en, other side its like is into space
  27. green arch.
    movement of arch. toward using material and structures that face the enviroment surrounding
  28. lamassau
    protective deity, a bull or lions body,eagles wings, humas head
  29. futurism
    • moderm art mov. orig.italy 
    • contemporary concepts of the future, speed, technology, youth and violence, and objects
  30. regionalism
    mov. in american modern art that focus on scenes of rural life. artist rejected tech. and fast paced life.
  31. americana
    history, geography, folklore and culture heritage of usa
  32. humanism
    • movement of the
    • renaissance.
    • concern in rediscovery and study of the
    • literature, art, and civilizations of acient Greece
  33. ta moko
    • permanent body and face
    • marking.
    • different from tattoing/carved in skind
  34. feminist art mov.
    • efforts by female artist
    • to make art reflects womens lives and experience. change the foundation for the
    • production and reception of contemporary art
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