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  1. Anisocytosis
    variation in size of RBCs (heme)
  2. Hematocrit
    percentage volume of a blood sample occupied by cells
  3. RDW
    red cell distribution width - coefficent that indicates variation in size and shape
  4. MCH
    average content of hemoglobin per RBC
  5. MCV
    mean cell volume (average volume per RBCs
  6. Anisopoikilocytosis
    variation in size and shape of RBCs
  7. JAZF1, JJAZF1, t(7:17) --> what is this?
    • Stromal sarcoma seen in endometrium tumor 
    • infiltrative edges, and lymphovascular invasions
  8. PTEN, KRAs, beta-catenin, MSI: what risk is increased?
    endometrioid ovarian tumor (surface epith)
  9. KRAS: increases risk of what? (in ovary)
    Mucinous type, unilateral (surface epith type)
  10. BRA-F, KRAS: increase risk of what?
    • low malignant potential for serous type of ovarian tumor (surface epith) 
    • borderline and benign type
    • arises from arise from fibriae of fallopian tube 
  11. BRCA 1 + P53: increase risk of what?
    • increase risk of high malignant potential for serous type of ovarian cancer (surface epith type) 
    • bilateral tumors
  12. CD19, 20, 4, 23, 43
    • Diffuse large B cell lymphoma 
    • t(8;14)
  13. CD 20, 11c, 25, 103+
    • Hairy Cell leukimea 
    • Trap stain (tartrate resistant acid phosphatase)
  14. CD19, 20, 10+ surface Ig
    • Burkitt's lymphoma 
    • starry sky 
    • t(8;14)  bcl6
  15. CD 19, 20, +10
    • Follicular lymphoma
    • t(8;14) bcl2 , IgH 14
  16. Poikilocytosis
    variation in shape of RBCs
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