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  1. ACL CIA FBI MMC CPU are all examples of
  2. ACLs
    Access Control Lists
  3. DAC MAC RBAC RBAC* are examples of
    Models of Access
  4. DAC (model of access)
    Discretionary Access Control
  5. MAC (model of access)
    Mandatory Access Control
  6. RBAC (model of access)
    Role-based Access Control
  7. RBAC* (model of access)
    Rule-based Access Control
  8. Protection =
    Prevention + (Detection + Response)
  9. CIA of security stands for
    Confidentiality Integrity Availability
  10. What is the essence of implementing MAC?
    Labels (i.e. TOP SECURIY clearance)
  11. "What is the principle of ""implicit deny""?"
    In a series of rules; one of them must allow access. if none does= NO ACCESS
  12. 3DES
    Triple Digital Encryption Standard
  13. AES
    Advanced Encryption Standard
  14. AES 256
    Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit
  15. AH
    Authentication Header
  16. ALE
    Annualized Loss Expectancy
  17. ARO (camaro has annual checks of the rate of Occurrent problems)
    Annualized Rate of Occurrence
  18. ARP (old people with problems w addresses = address resolution Protocol)
    Address Resolution Protocol
  19. AUP
    Acceptable Use Policy
  20. BIOS
    Basic Input / Output System
  21. BOTS
    Network Robots
  22. CA (california authority)
    Certificate Authority
  23. CAN (canada has a controller of and area with Networds)
    Controller Area Network
  24. CCTV
    Closed-Circuit TeleVision
  25. CHAP (challenge to handshake to authenticate himself - protocol)
    Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  26. CRL (certification of renovations in a list)
    Certification Renovation List
  27. DDOS
    Distributed Denial Of Service
  28. DES
    Digital Encryption Standard
  29. DHCP
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  30. DLL
    Dynamic Link Library
  31. DMZ
    Demilitarized Zone
  32. DNS
    Domain Name Service (server)
  33. DOS
    Denial Of Service (security wise)
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