AP Lang "Are you talkin to me"-"She's Crafty"

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  1. assertion
    declaration or statement
  2. cogent
    convincing reasonable
  3. coherent
    logically connected
  4. cohesive
    condition of sticking together
  5. didactic
    intended to instruct
  6. discourse
    verbal expression or exchange, conversation
  7. eloquence
    the ability to speak vividly or persuasively
  8. fluid
    easily flowing
  9. implication
    the act of suggesting or hinting
  10. lucid
    easily understood, clear
  11. rhetoric
    the art of using language effectively and persuasively
  12. arbiter
    a judge who decides a disputed issue
  13. biased
  14. exculpate
    to free from guilt or blame
  15. impartial
    not in favor of one side or the other, unbiased
  16. incontrovertible
    not able to be denied or disputed
  17. integrity
  18. objectivity
    treating facts without influence from personal feelings or prejudices
  19. plausible
    seemingly valid or acceptable; credible
  20. substantiated
    supported with proof or evidence; verified
  21. vindicated
    freed from blame
  22. condescending
    treating people as weak or inferior
  23. contemptuous
    feeling hatred;scornful
  24. despotic
    exercising absolute power;tyrannical
  25. dictatorial
    domineering;oppressively overbearing
  26. disdain
    n: contempt, scorn v:to regard or treat with contempt, to look down
  27. haughty
    arrogant; vainly proud
  28. imperious
    arrogantly domineering or overbearing
  29. patronizing
    treating in a condescending manner
  30. convoluted
    intricate, complex
  31. cryptic
    difficult to comprehend
  32. futile
    having no useful purpose, pointless
  33. impede
    to slow the progress of
  34. obscure
    adj. relatively unknown v. to conceal or make indistinct
  35. quandary
    a state of uncertainty or perplexity
  36. indolent
  37. insipid
  38. lament
    express grief for; mourn
  39. listless
    lacking energy
  40. melancholy
    sadness; depression
  41. torpor
  42. alliance
    a union of two or more groups
  43. disparity
    inequality in age, rank, or degree;difference
  44. impinge
    hinder;interfere with
  45. sanction
    an economic or military measure put in place to punish another country
  46. servile
    submissive;like a servant
  47. suppressed
    subdued;kept from being circulated
  48. embellish
    to make beautiful by ornamenting to decorate
  49. florid
    describing flowery or elaborate speach
  50. opulent
    exhibiting a display of great wealth
  51. ornate
    exhibiting a display of great wealth
  52. ornate
    elaborately decorated
  53. ostentatious
    describing a showy or pretentious display
  54. poignant
    profoundly moving; touching
  55. ebullience
    intense enthusiasm
  56. effusive
    emotionally unrestrained; gushy
  57. egregious
    conspicuously bad or offensive
  58. flagrant
    extremely or deliberately shocking or noticeable
  59. frenetic
    wildly excited or active
  60. gratuitous
    given freely;unwarranted
  61. superfluous
    extra; unnecessary
  62. alleviate
    to ease a pain or burden
  63. asylum
    place of retreat or security
  64. auspicious
    favorable; promising
  65. benevolent
    well-meaning, generous
  66. benign
    kind and gentle
  67. mollify
    calm or soothe
  68. reclamation
    the act of making something useful again
  69. sanction
    to give official authorization or approval
  70. dubious
    doubtful, of unlikely authenticity
  71. fabricated
    made, concocted to deceive
  72. hypocrisy
    the practice of pretending to be something one is not, insincerity
  73. slander
    false charges and malicious oral statements about someone
  74. spurious
    not genuine
  75. astute
    shrewd clever
  76. clandestine
  77. coup
    a brilliantly executed plan
  78. disingenuous
    not straightforward, crafty
  79. ruse
    crafty trick
  80. stratagem
    a clever trick used to deceive or outwit
  81. surreptitiously
    done by secretive means
  82. wary
    on guard
  83. wily
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