art unit 9

  1. humanism
  2. ta moko
  3. frminist art movement
  4. Image Upload 1
    venus of willendorf limestone
  5. Image Upload 2
    venus of lespugue ivory
  6. Image Upload 3
    female figure neo assyrian 8th century ivory
  7. Image Upload 4
    amenhoteph iv and nefretiti painted limestone new kingdom amarna period
  8. Image Upload 5
    statue of aphrodite copy after greek original by praxiteles called the aphrodite of knidos
  9. Image Upload 6
    perseus and andromeda roman fresco pompeii
  10. Image Upload 7
    pursues and andromeda peter paul rubens oil on canvas
  11. Image Upload 8
    masaccio adam and eve banished from paradise fresco
  12. Image Upload 9
    the creation of adam fresco the sistine chapel michalengeo
  13. Image Upload 10
    edouard manet olympia oil on canvas
  14. Image Upload 11
    titian venus of urbino oil on canvas
  15. Image Upload 12
    paul gauguin te arii vahine oil on canvas
  16. Image Upload 13
    maori chief late 18th century
  17. Image Upload 14
    copy of queen elizabeth i of england in her coronation robes oil on canvas
  18. Image Upload 15
    ana mendieta tree of life photograph
  19. Image Upload 16
    willlem de kooning woman 1 oil on canvas
  20. Image Upload 17
    guerrilla girls billboard
  21. Image Upload 18
    cindy sherman untitled film still #6 photograph
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