Music Chapter 2

  1. figured bass
    bass part of a baroque accompaniment with figures (numbers) above it indicating the chords to be payed
  2. movement
    piece that sounds fairly complete and independent but is part of a larger composition
  3. tutti
    all, the full orchestra or a large group of musicians contrasted with a smaller group
  4. ritornello form
    compisitional form usually used in the baroque concerto grosso, in which the tutti plays a ritornello or refrain, alternating with one or more solists playing the new material
  5. ritornello
    refrain, a repeated sections of music usually played by the full orchestra
  6. fugue
    polyphonic composition based on one main theme or subject
  7. subject
    theme of a fugue
  8. answer (fugue)
    second presentation of the subject in a fugue,usually in the dominant scale
  9. counter subject
    in a fugue a melodic idea that accompanies the subject fairly constantly
  10. stretto
    compositional procedure used in fugues in which a subject is limitated before its completed., one voice tries to catch the other
  11. prelude
    short piece usually serving to introduce a fugue or other composition, a short piece for piano
  12. sonata
    an instrumental composition in several movements for one to eight players
  13. suite
    a set of dance inspired movements all written in the same key but differing in tempo, neter and character
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