Geography Mock Definitions

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  1. What does the term 'river basin' mean?
    An area of land drained by a river and its tributary
  2. One method used to control floods?
    Afforestation: Trees are planted around the basin of the river, they absorb water lowering the river discharge is lower. Soc good, v nice to look at. Eco = v good, eco = cheap.
  3. River Valley Land form?
    Slip-off Slope formed by the River Seven
  4. Label and discuss this diagram:
    Image Upload 1
  5. Steps of that?
    • Faster on the outside because the river is deeper. - Less friction
    • So it erodes more on the outside, forming river cliffs

  6. How are ox-bow lakes formed?
    Image Upload 2
  7. Name and describe one process of coastal erosion
    Abrasion, this is where strong destructive wavers get sediment from the rocks and the sea-bed and chucks it into the rock, eventually grinding it away and smoothing the rock.
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