COMM test 1

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  1. rhetoric
    practice of giving effective speeches (mostly persuasive)
  2. diactic communication
    comm. involving 2 people; conversation
  3. small group communication
    communication with people you can directly see and speak to
  4. mass communication
    includes 1 speaker to an audience of unknown people (not personal)
  5. source
    person who creates the message
  6. encoding
    conversion: thoughts -> words
  7. receiver
    the audience
  8. decoding
    proccess of interpreting message (thoughts -> words)
  9. message
    thoughts & ideas put into meaningful expressions
  10. channel
    the medium used by the speaker to deliver message
  11. noise
    any interference with the message
  12. shared meaning
    mutual understanding of the message (S & A)
  13. context
    anything that influences the speaker, audience, occasion, or the speech
  14. rhetoric situation
    circumstance calling for a public response
  15. audience centered
    keeping needs, values, attitudes, and wants of audience in focus
  16. audience analysis
    • getting to know audience using techniques
    • interviews, questionnaires
  17. 4 Steps to Speech Making Process
    • Analyze the Audience
    • Select the Topic
    • Review the Topic in Light of Audience Analysis
    • Determine the Speech Purpose
  18. 5 Employable Skills
    • Teamwork ability
    • Leadership
    • Communication Skills
    • Problem-Solving Skills
    • Strong work ethic
  19. 3 Parts of Speech Intro
    Attention, Purpose, & Orientation
  20. 3 Parts of Speech
    • Intro - catch attention, state purpose (short story)
    • Body - state main points
    • Conclusion - restate purpose, keep them thinking
  21. Steps in gaining confidence
    • Prepare & Practice
    • Think Positively
    • Accept and work with nervousness
    • Concentrate on message (not yourself)
    • Visualize success
    • Use relaxing techniques
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