Chemistry Ch 15 Vocab

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  1. water that contains dissolved substances
    aqueous solution
  2. the chaotic movement of colloidal particles, caused by collision with particles of the solvent in which they are dispersed
    Brownian motion
  3. a mixture whose particles are intermediate in size between those of a suspension and a solute solution
  4. a compound that conducts an electric current when it is in an aqueous solution or in the molten state; all ionic compounds are electrolytes, but most covalent compounds are not
  5. the colloidal dispersion of one liquid in another
  6. a compound that has a specific number of water molecules bound to each formula unit
  7. a compound that does not conduct an electric current in aqueous solution or in the molten state
  8. dissolved particles in a solution
  9. a process that occurs when an ionic solute dissolves; in solution, solvent molecules surround the positive and negative ions.
  10. the dissolving medium in a solution
  11. a solution in which a large portion of the solute exists as ions
    strong electrolyte
  12. any substance that interferes with the hydrogen bonding between water molecules and thereby reduces surface tension; soaps and detergents are surfactants
  13. a mixture from which some of the particles settle out slowly upon standing
  14. an inward force that tends to minimize the surface area of a liquid; it causes the surface to behave as if it were a thin skin
    surface tension
  15. scattering of light by particles in a colloid or suspension, which causes a beam of light to become visible
    Tyndall effect
  16. a solution that conducts electricity poorly because only a fraction of the solute exists as ions
    weak electrolyte
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