Golden Sheets set 17 (#401-425)

  1. When a patient moves during a ct, what does it cause?
    Blurring and artifact and missed registration
  2. What is a BUN test?
    It measures the amount of nitrogen in your blood
  3. What is the most common fungal infection seen in patients?
    candida albican
  4. What is the most common symptom for pituitary tumors?
    a headache
  5. What do you do if you realize the therapist from yesterday didn't fill in the chart?
    A) fill it in for them
    B) find the therapist who treated yesterday to fill it in
    B) find the therapist from yesterday to fill it in
  6. What would reduce exposure the most?
    A) double the distance
    B) 5 HVL's
    C) decrease the beam by 50%
    5 HVL's
  7. What is the main reason an IV bag must remain above the injection site?
    back flow of fluids
  8. Which is the SI unit that represents absorbed dose:
    A) Gy
    B) REM
    C) RAD
    D) c/kG
  9. Know how to calculate the 80% and 90 isodose line for electrons
    • 80%= divide electron energy by 3
    • 90%= divide electron energy by 4
  10. Which of the following would you do interstitial brachytherapy on?
    A) tongue
    B) Tonsils
    C) Larynx
    D) Nasopharynx
  11. What would cause another malignancy?
    chemo & radiation
  12. If you see a patient slumped over in a chair, what do you do first?
    check for alertness
  13. What does an isotope have the same number as?

    know table 14.2 on page 282
  14. If the light field doesn't coincide with the treatment field, what could be the problem
    The angle of the mirror could be off
  15. What are you treating with a hockey stick field?
  16. If a patient has loose skin, what is the best way to ensure you are still treating at iso?
    pre-treat port film
  17. When treating the base of tongue, why is a bite block used?
    It keeps the hard palate up and out of the way in order to spare more oral mucosa
  18. What is the largest adult lymph tissue
  19. How often do you check a patients prescription
    daily before treatment
  20. When using a breast board for positioning the optimal incline angle is influenced by?
    The slope of the patients chest
  21. The PAB Axillary Boost field is intended to irradiate ?
    Level 3 axillary nodes
  22. Where is the epiglottic valleculla?
    Behind the root of the tongue between the folds of the throat
  23. What organs drain to the internal iliacs?
    vagina, cervix, prostate, bladder
  24. What would cause a patient to die from infection BM- GI - CNS
    GI Gastrointestional syndrome

    Hematopoietic syndrome
  25. What does a beta particle consist of?
    Electron  & positrons
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Golden Sheets set 17 (#401-425)
Golden sheets set 17 (#401-425)