portugese fl 101-150

  1. tua
    pron. thy, yours
  2. teu
    pron. thy, yours
  3. favor
  4. pai
  5. também
    either, also, too; yet; besides, likewise, as well; so
  6. obrigado
    thank you!, thanks compel, constrain; determine; enforce, force; oblige, obligate; impose; put
  7. vez
    time, turn
  8. deus
    God, Supreme Being, creator and ruler of the universe (according to the tenets of monotheistic religions); miserere
  9. certo
    Human TranslationTranslateall right so, well (used to express surprise, amazement, indifference, inquiry, etc.) such, like, similar combat, fight, battle, struggle
  10. tão
    as, that, so
  11. sobre
    atop, on; above; of, upon; about; across remain, leave
  12. melhor
    foremost; better, superior good, decent, fair, fine; meritorious, rattling; moral
  13. noite
    evening; night, nighttime
  14. és
    Holy Spirit, third person of the Trinity, Holy Ghost (Christianity) be, exist; go
  15. dia
    day, daylight, daytime
  16. estamos
    be, stay; tarry, go
  17. talvez
    perhaps, maybe; perchance, mayhap; possibly
  18. nem
    neither, nor
  19. depois
    behind, in back of -
  20. sempre
    always, ever; evermore, aye
  21. sabe
    know, savvy; have
  22. mãe
    old lady, old woman; mother, mum; venter
  23. vida
    life, existence; pulse; subsistence, vitality; vivacity; world
  24. sem
    minus, less; without, lacking; outside; past wanting, absent
  25. alguém
    anybody, anyone; somebody, someone; one
  26. olá
    hi, hoy
  27. anos
    years year, anno; twelvemonth
  28. sabes
    know, savvy; have
  29. ti
    you, thee
  30. homem
    male, man; he; husband; person
  31. dele
    his, its undo, efface
  32. alguma
    a few any, some, every
  33. das
    give, hand, deal; yield, render, handsel; impart, accord, confer; afford, provide; administer; allow; inflict
  34. algo
    anything, something riches, wealth
  35. parece
    it seems, apparently seem, appear; purport; sound, show
  36. sr
  37. tinha
    ringworm, tetter, tinea have; own, possess; accept, receive; enjoy; take
  38. senhor
    Mister, sir; gentleman, man; master, lord you, pronoun which replaces the name of the person or persons being addressed
  39. boa
    boa, snake which chokes and crushes its prey; long feather scarf
  40. vais
    go, leave; wend; run
  41. coisas
    stuff, affair thing, object; matter; stuff ponder, meditate
  42. estar
    be, stay; tarry, go
  43. faz
    make, cause, create; do, effect; fulfill; manufacture
  44. queres
    like, want; will, desire; love; list
  45. vocês
    you, pronoun which replaces the name of the person or persons being addressed
  46. dois
    deuce, two ache, ail; pain, hurt; sting, tingle
  47. ficar
    stay, remain; bide; keep, continue; grow; tarry, sojourn
  48. pelo
    by the scale; strip, flay
  49. preciso
    needful, necessary needful, necessary need; crave; define, determine, specify; take
  50. ouch, ow! (cry of pain) there, therein, then
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