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    • What form is used for purchases over the micro purchase threshold?
    • Who can authorize the purchase?

    SF 1449 form
  1. KO must authorize
  2. What type of messages must be used for routine requisitions?
    Formatted Messages
  3. What is the most commonly used fund code for MILSTRIP?

    What fund code do you use for free issue?


    What are it's parts?
    The NSN identifies the item within the supply chain.

    • It has 3 parts:
    • 75-30-001234567

    • 75- FSC group
    • 30- FSC class
    • 001234567- NIIN
  5. NIIN

    The NIIN is part of what code?

    A NIIN assigned prior to March 3. 1975 used what code?
    After March 3, 1975?
    Stock No. / National Stock No.

    • 00 - before
    • 01 - after
  6. What are the parts of the document number?

    Where will you find the document number ?
    Find it in MILSTRIPs

    • Z - branch of service
    • 11056 - OPFAC / Requisition code
    • 4365 - Julian date
    • 2234 - serial number
  7. Another name for the OPFAC
    Requisition Code
  8. Name the parts of MILSTRIP:

    A0A / GSA / S / 1234567890 / _ _ / EA /

    00077 / Z1150643331111 / R / Z61800 / B /

    SN / __ __ / ENG / 02 / 333 / __ __
    • DIC
    • RIC
    • M&S
    • Document Number
    • Demand Code
    • Unit of issue
    • Quantity Code
    • Stock No.
    • SMIC - special media identification code
    • Signal Code
    • Fund Code

    • COG
    • Project Code
    • Priority Code
    • Required Delivery Date (RDD)
    • Advice Code

  9. What comes before and after the SMIC code?

    What does SMIC stand for?
    Special Material Identifier Code

    Stock Code / SMIC / Signal Code
  10. What is before and after the COG

    What does COG stand for?

    Define COG?
    COG is the Cognizant Code

    Fund Code / COG / Project Code

    Used for items that are Navy owned like 76 radar
  11. What code comes before and after the DIC code in MILSTRIP?

    What does DIC stand for?

    Define DIC.
    DIC/RIC (routing identifier code)

    Document Identifier Code

    Identifies transaction, purpose, use

    DIC has 3 parts: ex. A0A

    • -always starts with A
    • -0: requisition; C: cancelation; F - follow up
    • -A: domestic
  12. What comes before and after the RIC in MILSTRIP?

    Define RIC?
    DIC (document identifier code)/ RIC/M&S

    Routing Identifier Code

    RIC is the source of supply
  13. If you are working a Document Number with a CASREP, which letter would you use?

    And where in the number?
    CASREPs are identified with the letter 'W' in the first RP of the serial number of the stock number that you find in MILSTRIP
  14. A MILSTRIP data line consist of how many codes?
    How many record positions?
    • 17 codes
    • 66 RP
  15. What form initiates a MILSTRIP?
    A surf log aka a CG-4940
  16. What form can you use to get a requisition status?
    CG -4940
  17. What is the most common tool used for identifying material and location information to assist in the procurement process?
  18. List some rules for MILSTRIP formatted messages:
    • 1. Limited to 66 RP
    • 2. No paragraph numbers or slashes
    • 3. Unused RP leave blank
    • 4. Only 450 max lines

    5. Priority 01-08 MILSTRIP authorized during periods of restricted communication.

    • 6. Capital letters only
    • 7. Days must be transmitted exactly how it appears in RP order

    8. Ask requisitions on one message shall contain the same RIC (SOS)
  19. In what manual can I find info on formatted and narrative MILSTRIP massages?
    Supply Procedure Policy Manual (SPPM)

    • 2-C-7
    • 2-C-8
  20. How many line items can be in a narrative message?
  21. If you cancel a message how many line items can it have?
  22. List 7 rules of narrative MILSTRIP messages?
    1. No more than 7 lines in per message

    2. Same RIC

    3. UPPERCASE letters

    4. Doc no. Separated into 3 fields

    5. Each request in separate numbered paragraph

    6. MILSTRIP separated be slashes

    7. Use "BLNK" for RP no needed
  23. Why would a MILSTRIP get canceled?

    Who can authorize a cancelation?
    • A MILSTRIP can be canceled if the item is no longer available/ no longer exist.
    • Or
    • If the the unit is being deactivated or decommissioned

    • The:
    • -addressee
    • -requisitioner
    • have authority to cancel MILSTRIPs
  24. What manual and where can you find info re: Monitoring MILSTRIP:
    Follow up
    Improving shipping delivery date
    • SPPM
    • 2-C-11
    • 2-C-12
    • 2-C-13
    • 2-C-14
  25. Who can modify a MILSTRIP requisition?
    The addressee, requisitioner, and the individual monitoring activity

    SPPM 2-C-12
  26. Define CGMS?
    Coast Guard Messaging System

    Is a software used to procure MILSTRIP

    (a back up to send MILSTRIP)

    When CMPLUS, FLS, ALMIS is down.
  27. What are the software tools used for MILSTRIP procurement?

    Name the units that the software is associated with?
    CMPlus - configuration management plus used on cutters and shore units

    CGMS - cost guard messaging system

    FLIS - Fleet Logistics System used on cutters and shore units

    ALMIS - Aviation Logistics Management System will replace AMMIS

    AMMIS - Aviation Maintenance and Management Information System
  28. Where can I get information re: NSN
    SPPM 3-B-9 through 3-B-15
  29. Where can I find info on all the parts of MILSTRIP
    SPPM encl D
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