Ch 15 Words Part 4

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  1. pituitary gigantism
    abnormally high production if pituitary gH before adolescence
  2. pituitary dwarfism
    deficient pituitary gH at birth
  3. thyroiditis
    inflammation of the thyroid
  4. adrenalectomy
    removal or one or both adrenal glands
  5. endocrinologist
    physician specializing in endocrinology
  6. endocrinology
    field of medicine that focuses on the study and treatment of endocrine disorders
  7. fasting blood sugar
    • blood sugar levels measured after a 12 hr fast
    • FBS
  8. postprandial blood sugar
    • blood sugar levels are measured about 2 hrs after a meal
    • PPBS
  9. glucose tolerance test
    • confirm diagnosis of diabetes mellitus
    • GTT
  10. hormone replacement therapy
    • synthetic hormones or extracted hormones used for hyposecretion
    • HRT
  11. parathyroidectomy
    surgical removal of a parathyroid gland
  12. parathyroidoma
    parathyroid cancer
  13. radioactive iodine uptake
    • used to rack and measure entry of iodine into thyroid gland to determine functionality
    • RAIU
  14. radioiodine therapy
    the radioactive iodine targets cells within thyroid gland and destroys them
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