Ch 15 Words Part 1

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  1. hypersecretion
    abnormally high hormone secretion
  2. hyposecretion
    abnormally low hormone production
  3. syndrome
    disorder including an array of symptoms and involves multiple organs
  4. endocrinology
    treatment of endocrine diseases
  5. acidosis
    excessive acid in the body
  6. acromegaly
    enlargement of bones do to hypersecretion of GH
  7. exophthalmos
    abnormal protrusion of the eye
  8. goiter
    abnormal enlargement of the thyroid
  9. hirsutism
    excessive body hair in a masculine pattern
  10. adrenal virilism
    resulting hair pattern of masculinization
  11. ketosis/ ketoacidosis
    excessive amount of ketone bodies in the blood and urine
  12. polydipsia
    excessive thirst
  13. polyuria
    abnormal production of large urine volumes due abnormal production of ADH
  14. adenitis
    inflammation of a gland
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