Golden Sheets set 16 (#376-400)

  1. What phase of the cell cycle is when mitosis occurs?
    M phase
  2. What angle does the diaphragm and ribs make?
  3. The angle of Luis is helpful in the treatment of?
  4. What are considered the endocrine portions of the pancreas?
    islets of Langerhons
  5. What is the half life of iridium 192?
    73.8 days
  6. Cesium 137 is most common in treating ?
    cervical cancer
  7. how do you get dose from TLD?
    the dosimeter will be heated and then give off a light reading
  8. What is grading used for?
    cell differentiation
  9. What is the half life cesium 137?
    30 years
  10. Iridium 192 is most common in treating?
    soft tissue sarcomas, lung, head & neck
  11. What is Moh's used for?
    skin (nonmelanomas)
  12. What is hyperplasia
    increases proliferation of cells
  13. What is hyperplasia
    increases proliferation
  14. What is the most common chemo drug for pancreatic cancer?
  15. What is a presenting symptom of cholestiatoma?
    Otitis media
  16. What is the most common sign of nasopharyngeal cancer?
    nose bleeds, difficulty hearing
  17. What is included on a radiation therapy prescription
    • treatment volume
    • intended volume dose
    • # of treatment
    • dose per treatment
    • frequency of treatment
    • type & energy of radiation
    • beam shaping devices
  18. What type of chemotherapeutic drugs are used to treat patients with brain tumors?
  19. Where does cerebrospinal fluid drain to?
    through the venous system
  20. What is anaplasia?
    dedifferentiation of cells
  21. What quadrant is the liver in?
    right upper quadrant
  22. Where are the adrenal glands located
    the superior pole of the kidney
  23. When a photon deposits its mass, it is called:
    linear attenuation
  24. What is the density for water
  25. What is the density for bone
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Golden Sheets set 16 (#376-400)
Golden sheets set 16 (#376-400)