Day 22

  1. accustomed
    adj. used to, customary, habitual 익숙한

    Vanessa was accustomed to getting up late.
  2. allege
    v. assert, claim, affirm, declare    주장하다, 우기다, (증거없이) 혐의를 제기하다

    Prosecutors alleged that Robert set the fire to collect insurance money.
  3. at the expense of
    phr. at the cost of      ~의 비용(대가)으로, ~을 잃어가며

    Tom's successful career has come at the expense of his family life.
  4. breed
    v. raise, rear, nurture nourish    기르다

    To breed rabbits was cheaper than to buy rabbits at the time.
  5. chisel
    v. carve, engrave           조각하다, 끌

    The masonry worker chiseled pieces of stone in order to make them fit together.
  6. conclusive
    adj. definite, decisive           결정적인
  7. costly
    adj. expensive, high-priced          비싼
  8. crack down
    phr. enforce laws           ~을 엄히 단속하다

    In December, Israeli forces began confining Arafat, in an effort to crack down on militants who attack Israelis.
  9. degree
    n. measure, extent, scale           정도

    It takes a high degree of patience to work with children all day long.
  10. delicate
    adj. dainty, exquisite, fine              섬세한,연약한

    The tea cup were so delicate that Sheila used them only for decoration.
  11. devote
    v. dedicate, commit              헌신하다
  12. die
    v. decease, perish, pass away           죽다
  13. distribute
    v. parcel out, allot, apportion, divide  분배하다
  14. emergency
    n. crisis, exigency                          위기, 위급
  15. fatal
    adj. deadly, mortal, lethal     치명적인
  16. guilty
    adj. criminal, culpable             유죄의
  17. hazard
    n. danger, peril, jeopardy          위험
  18. in any case
    phr. regardless        여하간에, 여하튼

    Applications should be sent as soon as possible but in any case before the deadline.
  19. incite
    v. provoke, inflame, spur        자극하다, 선동하다

    The love poem incited Todd to such a passion that he impetuously asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage
  20. moist
    adj. damp, humid, wet             축축한
  21. ornament
    v. decorate, adorn, embellish    장식하다
  22. peripheral
    adj. outer, exterior, external        주변의,주변적인

    Houses on the peripheral side of the city are the most vulnerable to flooding.
  23. precipitous
    adj. sudden, hasty, rash            성급한, 가파른

    Ginny always regretted her precipitous decision to drop out of high school
  24. primarily
    adv. 1. mostly, mainly chiefly           주로

    adv. 2. originally, at first            본래, 처음에
  25. primeval
    adj. ancient, primitive, pristine        원시의

    The monitor lizard reflects some of the primeval characteristrics of the early reptiles.
  26. raw
    adj. unprocessed, crude, rude    가공하지 않은, 날것의
  27. reject
    v. renounce, refuse, decline, deny     거절하다
  28. replenish
    v. restore, renew, refill         보충하다, (원래처럼) 다시채우다

    Mike worked hard to replenish his bank account, empty after his big shopping trip.
  29. rot
    v. decay, corrupt, degenerate       부패하다

    Fruits and vegetrables will rot quickly unless refrigerated.
  30. ruin
    v. devastate, destroy, wreck  파괴하다
  31. runoff
    n. overflow, overspill      범람, 넘쳐흐름

    The main force of the tsunami's impact hit the shore, but a substantial runoff made its way into downtown Tokyo.
  32. shorten
    v. abbreviate, abridge, lesson   줄이다

    Working hours were shortened to give people more time for leisure activities.
  33. spoil
    v. mar, hurt, damage, impair  망치다, 손상시키다

    Violence from a standard that became universal in the army
  34. standard
    n. 1. criterion, gauge             기준

    adj. 2. unexceptional, usual, average    보통의
  35. stipulation
    n. requirement, qualification, proviso  조건

    The business partners signed the contract with the stipulation that they would share the profits equally.
  36. strikingly
    adv. remarkably                    두두러지게

    Marilyn Monroe was a strikingly beautiful woman with her bleached blond hair, full lips, and shapely figure.
  37. subtract
    v. deduct, discount            빼다
  38. thaw
    v. defrost                 녹다
  39. unpin
    v. to remove a pin or pinned object from 핀을 빼다
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