1. what were the causes of conflict between native americans and settlers out west
    rapid depletion of buffalo; white settlers; railroad
  2. what was intent of dawes allotment act of 1887
    elimination of tribal ownership of land allotment of land to individual indian families
  3. what ethnic group was banned by national orgins act of 1924
    all asians
  4. know the significance of the invention of cotton gin
    drove economy capital benefitted southern farmers northern bankers; kept slavery in deep
  5. what was #1 transport of goods to market in 19th
  6. know main reasons the 17th settlers came
    religious persecution, poverty
  7. why british colonies grew in NA while empires flourished
    english encouraged immigrants to settle in NA; hands off policy didnt care what americasns did
  8. what were 3 major businesses 19th that drove settlers
    mining; cattle, farming
  9. how did rockefellers morgans and carnegies reationalize wealth
    social darwinism
  10. what was the dominate work most blacks found after civil war
    share crop tenate farming
  11. know reasons why unions ineffictive in 19th
    lack of federal, state and local government support. lack against women and child labor
  12. know goals of the first inions in US
    high wages; shorter days; better conditions; collective bargening
  13. cause of market revolution
    • rapid improvements in transportation; commercialization of goods
    • export goods; industrialization
  14. policies of the redeemers after reconstruction
    south implemented cuts in govt. spending; south expanded railroad; cheap workforce
  15. know pros/cons 1920s economy
    sectors left out prosperity, corpo mergers, over production
  16. cause great DP
    lack of industrial diversification in economy; uneven distribution buying power; in debt to euro we couldnt pay
  17. why economy good after WW2
    no competetion, need for US goods, credit cards
  18. form of entertainment in 20s
  19. main first institution controlled by blacks after civil war
    africian church
  20. abolitionist learder who led slave uprisings at harper ferrys
    john brown
  21. policies of lincoln, toward union/ confederacy prior to war
    keep together, keep 4 slave states my anymeans marshall law
  22. purpose and role of freemans bureau reconstruction
    food, clothing, shelter to former slaves. self farming
  23. what positive contributions did the reconstructions era bring to blacks
    to serve as delegates in their state constitution conventions, 3k schools, per capita income rose. passage 13, 14, 15th amendments.
  24. what were ways the south created institutionalized segregation vs blacks
    plecy vs fergason; cummings vs. county board of edu.
  25. what govt did stop white violance against blacks
    kkk acts
  26. know blacks educator and founder niagra movement
    WEB De boise
  27. know agrarian farm mvoement in later part of 19
    peoples party
  28. know about main 1950-60 civil rights movement and leaderwho led disobediance
    Dr. MLK
  29. what branch of civil rights movement under MLK
  30. progressive era
    initave state reforms, secret balloting, moving voting places
  31. leading two orginizations for abolition of booze
    anti saloon league; women christians
  32. main components of FDRs new deal
    instill confidence in Stock market, banking
  33. what factory 1st utilized women
  34. founder of all womens school
    emma willard milbury troy waterford
  35. concerns addressed in senecca falls convention
    womens property rights, higher EDu
  36. reasons industry exploited women/children
    morrill federal land grant
  37. act for which we established public univ.
    demnand for edu for girls, they have the same as men
  38. northern played i union civil war camps
    womans central association of relief
  39. what is now major objectives and concerns
    demand for better edu, denounce marriage day care
  40. calvinists and why they came
  41. manifest destinary
    god given right to..
  42. who won french indian war effects on indians/french f
    french lost, kicked out of NA
  43. great shawnee leader 1st decades of 19th.
    tecumsea died native americans died with him east of river
  44. immigration act 1965; national orgins 1924
    eliminate 1924 act
  45. consolidationn during latter part of 20th
    2 types of veritical and horizontal
  46. betty freidan
    had notning to do with 19th
  47. homestead act 1862
    letting white settlers west
  48. what impact did FDR new deal
  49. lincolns rationale on union
    emancipation proclimination
  50. what helped jim crow
    plecy vs fergason, commings vs board
  51. missouri compormise
    ban slavery in of boot hill in MO
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