Sociology exam 3

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  1. A system in which people are divided into layers according to relative, power, property, and prestige
    Social Stratification
  2. Stratified =
    layer in society
  3. The P's "the privileges" of social stratification
    power property prestige
  4. degree of honor or respecet
  5. when a person scores high in another dimension but lower in another (rare)
    status inconsistency
  6. unequal access to power property and prestige based on sex/gender
    Gender stratification
  7. biological characteristics that distinguish males and female
    "we are born with it" physical characteristics
  8. social characteristics that vary from one culture to another and that cultures/societies deem appropriate for their male & female
    ex: femininity and masculinity, gender roles
  9. ___________is THE primary division between people
  10. Historically and currently, ______ have ALWAYS had decision making power over __________
    men ; women
  11. we are taught the roles of our gender
  12. sex is ________ gender is _________
    inherited; learned
  13. Gender prestige is giving to "male" activities
  14. the law that requires women'ssports in public sports to be funded equality to men's sports
    Title IX
  15. significance of gender inequalities are found in what 4 areas?
    • health care
    • education
    • sports
    • workplace
  16. a group with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from other groups
  17. it is inherited, you are born into it
    examples : skin color, eye shape, hair color etc.
  18. refers to cultural characters that distinguish a group of people/ its learned
  19. examples: food any kind of dress, religion, language
  20. the group that has greater power,  more privileges, higher social status  ( not always largest group)
    dominant group
  21. the male is an example of a _________ group
  22. characteristics of minority groups:
    • membership is ascribed
    • traits held in low esteem
    • treated unequally
    • strong group solidary
  23. its internal, a thought or attitude of prejudging of some sort, "the thought"
  24. everyone is __________
  25. its external, unfair treatment directed towards someone or some group, "the action"
  26. Authoritian personality theory explains
    why people are prejudice
  27. authoritarian personality theory (3)
    • 1. learns norms of own group
    • 2. anxiety when diff norms are encountered
    • 3. prejudice is a defense mechanism to counter anxiety
  28. the actual or attempted systematic annihilation of a race or ethnic group
  29. the dominant involuntary movement of a minority
    population transfer
  30. a societies policy of exploiting a minority, it is denied acces to all benefits but their work is exploited to the dominant group
    internal colonialism
  31. the formal separation of groups/ the dominant group disallows (by law) access to the same benefits
  32. the process by which a minority is absorbed into mainstream (forced or involuntary)
  33. ethnic/cultural diversity is encourage, you ignore or accept the differences
  34. reference to the white people that originally came her from England
    WASP( White Anglo-Saxton Protestant)
  35. A group of people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption
  36. people who occupy the same housing unit
  37. husband, wife, and children (or equivalent) "immediate family" - 1 generation
    nuclear family
  38. grandparents, cousins, aunts ect. , nuclear family plus other relatives
    extended family
  39. family whose members were once part of other families, normally result of divorce or death
    blended family
  40. What are the 2 elements of romantic love
    • emotional
    • cognitive
  41. a groups approved mating arrangements usually marked by a ritual to show the couples new status
  42. what are the 5 social channels of a first marriage
    • age
    • education
    • social class
    • race
    • religion
  43. the tendency of people with similar characteristics to marry one another
  44. the reason for homogamy is special nearness also known as
  45. the legala termination of a marriage
  46. living together as unmarried couple
  47. what percent married couples in the US never have  children?
  48. what is the strongest indicator that determines the rather a women with have children or not?
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