Latin 40

  1. aes, aeris
    [n] bronze
  2. dominus, -i
    [m] master (of a household), lord
  3. domina, -i
    [f] mistress (of a household), lady
  4. lacrima, -ae
    [f] tear
  5. meta, -ae
    [f] turning point, goal, limit, boundary
  6. monumentum, -i
    [n] monument
  7. nasus, -i
    [m] nose
  8. saxum, -i
    [n] rock, stone
  9. vultus, -us
    [m] countenance, face
  10. iustus, -a, -um
    just, right
  11. tot
    so many
  12. praeter + acc
    besides, except, beyond, past
  13. nonne
    interrogative word for expected 'yes' answer
  14. num
    interrogative word for expected 'no' answer, or meaning 'whether' in indirect questions
  15. omnino
    wholly, entirely, altogether
  16. postremum
    after all, finally, for the last time
  17. quin
    indeed, in fact
  18. explico (1)
    unfold, explain, spread out, deploy
  19. fatigo (1)
    to weary, tire out
  20. for, fari, fatus sum
    to speak (prophetically), talk, foretell
  21. opinor, opinari, opinatus sum
    to suppose
  22. reperio, reperire, repperi, repertum
    to find, discover, learn, get
  23. vereor, vereri, veritus sum
    to show reverence for, respect, be afraid of, fear
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