Golden Sheets Set 7 (151-175)

  1. patients enter into hospice when they have a life expectancy of how long?
    6 months
  2. What way do you angle the table for breast tangents?
  3. Define Vector
    An insect that is a carrier of a disease-producing organism
  4. Define: Agenesis
    • absence of a body part;
    • the incomplete development or total absence of a body part
  5. Define: Dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  6. Define Pruritus
    itchiness; an intense feeling of itchiness
  7. What level does the trachea bifurcate
    T5 & T7
  8. Define Bradycardia
    slow heart rate (less than 60 beats per minute
  9. Define: Thrombocytopenia
    low blood platelet level
  10. Define: Anhidrosis
    decreased sweating
  11. Define Miosis
    constriction of the pupil
  12. Define Horner's syndrome
    • indicates a problem with a sympathetic nervous system
    • combination of drooping eyelid (ptosis) and constriction of the pupil (miosis) and sometimes decreased sweating (anhidrosis)
  13. Define Ptosis
    drooping eyelids
  14. Define Leukopenia
    Low White Blood Cells
  15. Define TNM staging
    • a cancer staging system that describes the extent of a person's cancer
    • T- size of original tumor
    • N- lymph node involvement
    • M- distant metastasis
  16. Define Grade:
    measure of the cell appearance.

    Well differentiated - close to normal cells appearance

    Undifferentiated - grow & spread slower
  17. Know several procedures that does not require sterile technique
  18. NOTE:
    There was one where it had a CT image of the lower abdomen.
    The small intestine had contrast, and the rectum had treatment volumes around it, and what looked like clips around the rectal border.
    It asked what occurred for the boost plan (small bowel contrasted, clip borders around the rectum contrasted, so the answer I picked was small intestine contrasted, clipped border)
  19. What 2 structures for head & neck were important when making a mask?
    nose & chin
  20. What is the best way to ensure consistent setup from CT to treatment
    index couch
  21. Define LET
    energy given to a medium by radiation
  22. Define Hypoxia
    Inadequate oxygen delivery to tissues
  23. Define Aerobic
    requiring oxygen for life
  24. Define Anaerobic
    not needing oxygen -- living in the absence of air or free oxygen
  25. Define: Sign
    A medical fact that may be detected by a physician during a physical exam
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Golden Sheets Set 7 (151-175)
golden sheets set 7 (#151-175)