Tb103 hydrofoam

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  1. Hydrofoam equipment include:
    • Hydrofoam nozzle
    • JRC
    • Inline foam eductor
  2. When applying foam, it is desirable to utilize a high-quality foam stream. At least __% of the stream flow should land on the flammable liquid within a well-defined,
    compact, elliptical area or footprint.
  3. An efficient foam-making device will throw foam
    ____ ___ ___ as water.
    Nearly as far
  4. The ___-_____Hydro-Foam design entrains less air into the foam solution. This produces a high quality foam that expands to the optimum Class "B" foam range, from __ to __.
    Non-aspiring, 3:1 to 6:1
  5. The hydrofoam nozzle is based on an efficient,
    ____-___, ____-____, ___-_____ design.
    Water-hydraulic, self-educting, non-aspirating
  6. Hydrofoam nozzle has several distinct
    • 1.  is a water-hydraulic delivery device that is simple and reliable because it does not have any moving parts. 
    • 2.  efficient self-proportioning design allows the full energy of the available water-
    • power to be used to produce a foam stream with greater range. 
    • 3.  operate effectively at low nozzle pressures (75psi or less) 
    • 4.  Large quantities of foam concentrate can be located remote from the nozzle and
    • transported to the nozzle using small diameter hose lines (11/2") utilizing a special
    • venturi-type device (Jet Ratio Controller).
  7. Hydrofoam nozzle
    Recommended PSI
    Stream Range (straight stream)
    Water Inlet Size
    Proportioned Mixture
    • 100 psi
    • 660 GPM
    • 180'
    • 21/2" NST (National Standard Thread)
    • 3%
  8. The Hydro-Foam nozzle is fully adjustable from ___ ____ to ____ ____.
    Straight stream to full fog
  9. The foam concentrate inlet on the Hydro-Foam nozzle includes an _' reinforced clear
    plastic "pigtail" with 11/2" NST swivel inlet for connection to the _____ and a 11/2"
    NPT swivel for connection to the _____.
    8',   Fire hose,  nozzle
  10. JRC           __psi
    11/2         __ psi per 100'
    ladderpipe assembly     __psi
    • JRC- 50psi
    • 11/2 -35psi
    • ladderpipe -40psi
  11. Expect to use __ gallons of
    concentrate per minute of operation while water is flowing. (Hydrofoam nozzle)
  12. The 11/2" In-line Foam Eductor is a ______ delivery device that is simple and reliable because it has few moving parts.
    Water hydraulic
  13. Positive metering allows foam mixtures ranging from __% to _%. (Inline educator)
    .5% to 6%
  14. Pump ___PSI to the inline eductor
  15. Use __% for normal Class “B" flammable liquids. Use __% for polar solvents. Push the knurled "mixture" knob in and rotate. Line the knob setting (i.e. 3%) to the white line on the body of the pick-up tube housing. (Inline educator)
    3%,   6%,
  16. As air is entrained in the solution nozzle pressure and nozzle reaction will ___. (Inline educator)
  17. Direct water stream ___ ___ ____until foam reaches the nozzle. (Inline educator)
    Away from the fire
  18. You can stop the flow of foam (inline educator) by removing the pick-up tube from the container of concentrate or rotating the mixture selector knob to the _ position.
  19. Throttle back pump pressure __% before changing from "foam" to "water" (in-line educator).
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