Golden Sheet set 2 (#26-50)

  1. What is the most common thickness of cerrobend for MV treatments?
  2. What is the denisity for the lungs?
  3. What is denisity for air?
  4. What is the best treatment fields for a kidney?
  5. How many mSv are allowed for a non-occupational worker with frequent exposure?
    1 mSv
  6. What is the most life threatening form of malnutrition?
  7. What lymph nodes are covered in a mantle field
    submandibular, occipital, cervical, supraclavicular, infraclavicular, axillary, hilar, mediastinal
  8. What are the common chemo drugs used in hodkins disease?
    ADrimycin, bleomicin, vinblastine & Dacarbazine
  9. What is the most common symptom of hypopharynx cancer?
    Dysphagia & painful neck nodes
  10. Most common symptom of larynx cancer?
    Hoarseness & Stridor
  11. If you use contrast that is not diluted, what can it cause?
    patient side effects & artifacts
  12. What is a precursor of colon cancer?
  13. What are common factors of nasopharyngeal cancer?
    Epstein barr virus; alcohol
  14. You are treating a prostate. The machine isocenter is 1cm below the lasers.  What happens?
    Complete miss of the prostate
  15. Describe the coronal image
    from the front (or back)
  16. Describe the sagittal view?
    from the side either right or left
  17. Describe the axial view?
    from the top (or bottom)
  18. What do you monitor through your visual system? (k-type)
    A) Anesthesia monitoring equipment
    B) Wedge direction
    C) Patient orientation
    A & C anesthesia monitoring equipment & patient orientation. Because you really can't see the wedge direction.
  19. What is it called when a person undergoes chemo & radiation at the same time?
    concurrent therapy
  20. The ratio that compares the effects of radiation in oxygenated tissue to hypoxic tissue is the ________________
    OER (oxygen Enhancement Ratio)
  21. Know the Oxygen Enhancement Ratio (OER)
    The ratio compares the effects of radiation in oxygenated tissue to hypoxic tissue
  22. What things need to be considered when making an immobilization device for a CT sim  (pick 4 out of 8)
    bore size, material immobilization device is made of, patient orientation **cant remember the others
  23. know the law of Bergonie & Tribondeau
    • states that ionizing radiation is more effective against cells that are
    • 1) are actively mitotic
    • 2) are undifferentiated and
    • 3) have a long mitotic future
    • Therefore, cells dividing more often are radiosensitive
  24. The ____________________ states that cells dividing more often are more radiosenstive.
    Law of Bergonie & Tribondeau
  25. What kind of isolation does an immunosuppressed person need?
    reversed isolation
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Golden Sheet set 2 (#26-50)
set 2 (#26-50)