Golden Sheet set 1 (1-25)

  1. What are the most common sites of metastasis for lung cancer?
    Liver, Bone & Brain
  2. What are the most common sites of metastasis for anal cancer?
    Liver & Lungs
  3. What is the most common site of metastasis for stomach cancer?
  4. What are the most common site of metastasis for breast cancer?
    Lung, Bone & Brain
  5. Where do mesenchymal cells arise from?
    cartilage & bone
  6. If a patient is lying on the right side, but the gantry is at zero.  What position is this?
    Left lateral
  7. After the bending magnet, what order does the beam exit the gantry?
    Target, primary collimator, flattening filter, ion chamber, patient
  8. If the gantry is at 90, the table is a 90 and the patient is supine head first. What projection is this?
  9. What are the signs of bladder cancer?
    Frequency of urination; dysuria; urgency to urinate
  10. What is the most common symptom of oropharynx cancer?
    Painful swallowing & otalgia (ear pain)
  11. Define otalgia
    ear pain
  12. What converts kinetic energy to microwave energy in the linac?
  13. What effects PDD?
    energy, depth, field size & ssd
  14. What effects TAR?
    energy, depth & field size
  15. What can cause a bronchogenic carcinoma?
    Superior vena cava syndrome
  16. What are the advantages of after loading?
    to reduce exposure to medical personel
  17. What is a Whipple Procedure?
    resecting from the head of the pancreas, entire duodenum, distal stomach, gallbladder, and common bile duct
  18. What is the TD 5/5 for small bowel?
    4000-4500 cGy
  19. What is a state of being self governing?
  20. Where are the lateral ventricles located?
    cerebral hemisphere
  21. What is a presenting symptom of uterine cancer?
    unexpecteded vaginal bleeding and discharge
  22. What is the most common treatment for the small intestine?
  23. What disease can not be spread by a fomite?
    malaria, lyme disease & west nile
  24. What is not a method of IMRT delivery?
    A) cone beam
    B) 3D conformal
    C) step n shoot
    cone beam
  25. What is pruritus?
    itchy skin
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Golden Sheet set 1 (1-25)
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