Ch18 Blood 2

  1. Where are plasma proteins formed and what is the exception?
    Formed in the liver. Except globulins they are produced by plasma cells.
  2. These are free amino acids in the blood plasma.
    Nitrogenous compounds
  3. Nitrogenous wastes 
    - toxic end products of catabolism 
    - normally removed by the kidneys
  4. Glucose, vitamins, fats, cholesterol, phospholipids, and minerals are all ______?
  5. Na+ makes up 90% of plasma cations
  6. Resistance of a fluid to flow, resulting from the cohesion of its particles
  7. Whole blood is ___ to ____ as viscous as water?
    4.5 to 5.5
  8. Plasma is ___ times as viscous as water and in important in _______ function?
    2.0, circulatory
  9. The total molarity of those dissolved particles that cannot pass through the blood vessel wall
    Osmolarity of blood
  10. Blood absorbs too much water, increasing the blood pressure if blood Osmolarity is ____?
    Too high
  11. Too much water stays in tissue, blood pressure drops, and edema occurs is blood Osmolarity is _____?
    Too low
  12. Optimum osmolarity is achieved by the body’s regulation of?
    sodium ions, proteins, and red blood cells
  13. How many platelets does an adult produce every day?
    400 billion
  14. How many RBC's does an adult produce every day?
    200 billion
  15. How many WBC's does an adult produce every day?
    10 billion
  16. Production of blood, especially its formed elements
  17. Hemopoietic tissues produces ____ cells.
  18. Produces stem cells for first blood cells
    •Colonize fetal bone marrow, liver, spleen, and thymus
    Yolk sac
  19. Red bone marrow prduces how many of the formed elements?
    All seven
  20. Formerly called hemocytoblasts or hemopoietic stem cells
    Pluripotent stem cells (PPSC)
  21. Specialized stem cells only producing one class of formed element of blood
    Colony-forming units
  22. Blood formation in the bone marrow
    Myeloid hemopoiesis
  23. Blood formation in the lymphatic organs
    Lymphoid hemopoiesis
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