comm test 5

  1. Gender and Communications

    What are two gender and communication cautions?
    • There are more similarities than differences among men and
    • women

    Sex is a fact, gender is an idea
  2. Genderlect

    What is the heart of the theory
    • Male and female communications is cross cultural
    • communication
  3. Genderlect

    What does genderlect mean?
    • Masculine and feminine styles of speaking are viewed as two
    • distinct cultural dialects
  4. Genderlect

    What do women desire?
    Women desire connection over anything else
  5. Genderlect

    What do men desire?
    Men desire status
  6. Genderlect

    What is the difference
    between rapport talk and report talk?
    • Rapport talk: typical conversational style of women that
    • seeks to establish connection with others

    • Report talk: relaying information
    • and winning an argument.
  7. Genderlect

    What are Tag Questions?
    • Not taking full control but asking ex: “I think we should
    • ____ don’t you think?
  8. Communication Accommodation Theory

    What is the heart of the theory?
    • Cultural, Seeking approval by meshing with another’s style
    • of speaking, intergenerational
  9. Communication Accommodation Theory

    What is accommodation?
    • Movement toward or away from others by changing the way you
    • communicate
  10. Communication Accommodation Theory

    What are the differences
    between the two strategies
    Covergence: becoming more similar

    Divergence: Admit differences and accentuate differences

    *Divergence is the norm with convergence being an exception
  11. Communication Accommodation Theory

    How do motivations impact this theory?
    We have a desire for social approval
  12. Communication Accommodation Theory

    What does the social identity theory claim?
    Our group memberships greatly affect our communications
  13. Communication Accommodation Theory

    How do recipients respond
    to convergence and divergence?
    Listeners regard convergence as positive and divergence as negative
  14. Communication Accommodation Theory

    What are the different ways
    the elderly talk that reminds listeners they are old?
    Age: You’re so young, I’m turning __

    Health: “They were worried about blood clots….”

    Patronizing: “You kids today know the meaning of hard work”

    Hearing: “You’re mumbling, speak up.”
  15. Face Negotiation Theory

    What is face?
    The projected image of ones self in a relational situation
  16. Face Negotiation Theory

    What are the predictable styles of conflict management?
    • Avoiding: Responding to conflict by withdrawing from open
    • discussion

    • Obliging: Accommodating or giving in to the wishes of
    • another in a conflict situation

    • Compromising: Conflict management by negotiation or bargaining
    • seeking a middle way

    Dominating: Competing to win when peoples interest conflict

    • Integrating Problem solving
    • through open discussion, collaborating for a win win resolution of conflict
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