Day 20

  1. accurate
    adj. precise, true, exact, correct    정확한
  2. advisor
    n. consultant                         고문
  3. antagonize
    v. counteract                  대항하다, 적대감을 불러일으키다

    The author antagonized her critics with a lengthy and detailed rebuttal.
  4. architectrue
    n. structure, framework      구조,건축학
  5. assure
    v. convince, persuade, satisfy  장담하다, 확신시키다
  6. bond
    n. tie, connection, link        유대, 결속
  7. brave
    adj. courageous, gallant, dauntless  대담한,용감한
  8. crucial
    adj. essential, important, acute, deciding, vital               중대한
  9. complement
    n. supplement          보충, 보완

    A fine whie wine is a perfect complement to any salmon dinner.
  10. comprise
    v. consist of, be made up of          구성되다

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average comprises thirty of largest companies in the U.S.

    • The collection comprises 327 paintings
    • 그 전집은 327점의 그림들로 이뤄져 있다.
  11. counter to
    phr. in opposition to                 ~와 정반대로

    The chief's decision to publicize the misogynist film runs counter to the standards of the newspaper.
  12. daring
    adj. bold, courageous, brave  용감한,대담한, 위험한
  13. devise
    v. create, design, contrive, invent   고안하다, 창안하다

    The government is carefully devising new trade rules.
  14. duplicate
    v. copy, imitate, reproduce     복사하다
  15. dwindle
    v. decrease, diminish      (점점)줄다, 감소시키다

    The crowd of Koreans celebrating their World Cup victory didn't start to dwindle until the early hours of the morning.
  16. embody (2)
    v. 1. incarnate, exemplify, represent  구현하다, 상징하다

    Literature often embodies the social ideals of either the author or the author's culture

    v. 2. contain            ~을 포함하다

    The composition embodied several musical styles, including jazz, funk, and reggae
  17. etch
    v. cut, carve, engrave             식각하다, 새기다

    The Holocaut was a terrible event that will be forever etched in Jewish history.
  18. flash
    v. flame, flare, glare                번쩍이다
  19. imaginable
    adj. conceivable, thinkable, supposable  상상할 수 있는
  20. infectious
    ajd. contagious, communicable     전염성의
  21. innumberable
    adj. countless, numberless, numerous  무수한
  22. invariable
    adj. constant, consistent, unchanging  불변의, 변함없는

    There has been invariable struggle for justice in Cuba since the 1950s.
  23. meditate
    v. think deeply, ponder, contemplate  숙고하다
  24. opposite (2)
    adj. 1. counter          (성질,의미 등이) 정반대의

    n. 2. contrast                    정반대
  25. outdo
    v. surpass, excel, exceed, outmatch  ~을 능가하다

    Thomas outdid the rest of his classmates on the test.
  26. outline
    n. summary, contour, silhouette    개요, 윤곽
  27. parallel
    adj. 1. corresponding, comparable, analogous  ~와 유사한, 평행한

    Rosa's addiction to overeating is almost parallel to her father's addiction to alcohol.

    v. 2. match, compare, equate ~에 필적하다

    The high jumper paralleled the world record, but he could not break it.
  28. preeminent
    adj. outstanding, foremost, distinguished  탁월한, 우위, 현저한

    Some preeminent women became teachers and poets in the town.
  29. reassuring
    adj. encouraging, refreshing, revitalizing 안심시키는, 용기를 북돋는
  30. regulate
    v. control, adjust           조절하다

    Mammals differ from other animals in the way they regulate body temperature.
  31. respectful
    adj. courteous, polite, well-mannered   공손한
  32. shrink
    v. shrivel, decrease, diminish      줄어들다
  33. skill
    n. expertise, know-how, craft       기술
  34. steadily
    adv. constantly, continously           견실하게, 착실하게, 지속적으로

    Lawn and garden chemical usage has been dropping steadily for the last two decades.
  35. struggle
    v. contend, flight, battle              싸우다, 투쟁하다
  36. subsquence
    n. next in a series, succession, sequel   이어서 일어나는 것

    Brandy had the misfortune of performing in subsequence to an unusually gifted singer.
  37. warrant
    v. justify, deserve, merit              정당화 하다
  38. ware
    n. product                        제품
  39. yet
    adv. nevertheless, however       그럼에도 불구하고

    Harrison was very pressed for time, and yet he was not late for class.
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