Gray's Review Clinical Questions: BACK

  1. 55 year old man
    -severe coughing
    -admitted to a hospital
    -x-ray show tuberculosis in the right lung and extension to the thoracic to the vertebral bodies of T6 and T7
    - giving him GIBBUS deformity 

    Does he have:
    1. Lordosis
    2. Kyphosis
    3. Scoliosis
    4. Spina Bifida
    5. Osteoarthritis
  2. 68 year old man
    -severe back pain admitted to a hospital
    -x-ray--> severe osteoporosis of vertebral column 
    -crush fractures of vertebrae L4 and L5
    Which of the following parts of the vertebrae are most likely to be fractured in the patient?

    1. Spinal Process
    2. Vertebral Bodies
    3. Transverse Process
    4. Superior Articular Process
    5. Intervertebral Disc
    Vertebral Bodies
  3. 35 year old man
    -goes to hospital after severe car crash
    -x-ray: injury to dorsal region of the --neck fracture in medial border of right scapula
    -scapula retracted laterally

    Which nerve has most likely been affected?

    1. Axillary Nerve
    2. Long Thoracic Nerve 
    3. Dorsal Scapular Nerve 
    4. Greater Occipital Nerve 
    5. Supra scapular Nerve
    Dorsal Scapular Nerve
  4. 27 year old man
    -ER after car crash
    -has weakness in medial rotation and adduction of humerus 

    Which nerve was injured?
    1. thoracodorsal 
    2. axillary
    3. dorsal scapular
    4. spinal accessary
    5. radial
  5. 19 year old male
    -went to ER after dislocating his shoulder from -football
    -After treatment of dislocation, he couldn't abduct his arm
    -MRI shows torn muscle 
    Which muscle was injured?

    1. Coracobrachalis
    2. Long head of Triceps
    3. Pectoralis Minor
    4. Supraspinatus 
    5. Teres Major
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