The 1905 Russian revolution - Revision

  1. What date was the attempted revolution?
    22nd January, 1905
  2. Why did the revolution happen?
    In 1904, Nicholas lost a war with Japan, which undermined his authority, and the failure of the government to help the country through a financial crisis
  3. Who led the revolution?
    Father Gapon
  4. So Elliot, what happened?
    In 1905, a peaceful demonstration of workers led by the priest Father Gapon was attacked by the Cossacks, in a bid to assert the Tsar's authority. The atrocity led to strikes and riots - sailors on the battleship 'Potemkin' mutinied. Workers and soldiers got together and set up committees called Soviets to represent them.
  5. Outcome?
    Estimated that around 96 people died and another 333 people were injured
  6. So how did the Tsar survive after this? Name a few outcomes of the revolution?
    The October Manifesto was published.
  7. Was it really? Very interesting and very good knowledge Elliot, and what was the October Manifesto?
    The Duma was formed to listen to the peoples' views.
  8. Did the Tsar hand over power?
    No, the Tsar did not hand-over power
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The 1905 Russian revolution - Revision
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