First World War - Impacts on Russia

  1. Was the first world war popular in Russia?
  2. What was a massive impact of the first world war on Russia?
    The February revolution in 1917
  3. Name the events leading up to the revolution?
    Russian army was huge but badly equipped
  4. This led to?
    Poor transport system meant problems getting troops to the front
  5. This led to?
    Russia losing 2m men and huge areas of land very quickly
  6. This led to?
    Tsar Nicholas II taking personal command of the army
  7. This led to?
    Even more military disasters with the blame going to the Tsar
  8. This led to?
    Nicholas' German wife Alexandra being placed in charge in Petrograd
  9. This led to?
    Her mistakes, which made the Tsar even more unpopular
  10. This led to?
    Conscription in men to make up for the losses
  11. This led to?
    Stripping the factories and farms of men due to conscription
  12. This led to?
    Horses also being taken from farms for army use
  13. This led to?
    Food production slumping
  14. This led to?
    Starvation in cities
  15. Why did Russia go to war with Germany in the first place?
    In support of her ally Serbia. 
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First World War - Impacts on Russia
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