Exam 1 Clinicals - Back

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  1. - Abnormal increase in thoracic curvature
    - Caused by erosion of anterior part of 1+ vertebrae
    - As erosion continues, vertebrae collapses, causing loss of height
    Kyphosis (aka "humpback")
  2. - Net demineralization of bonesĀ 
    - Caused by disruption of calcium deposition and reabsorption
    - Bones become weak and brittle, causing them to be more likely to fracture
  3. - Caused by abnormal increase in lumbar curvature
    Lordosis ("hollow back")
  4. - Abnormal lateral curvature (S-shaped) accompanied by rotation of vertebrae
    - Spinous processes turn toward abdominal cavity
    Scoliosis ("curved back")
  5. In medial strabismus, what nerve is compromised?
    CN VI - abducens
  6. If the superior oblique is compromised, what action does the eye have?
    • Downward & outward gaze
    • (Normally up & in)
  7. Lateral strabismus
    CN III - occulomotor (the muscle is part of the everything else)
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