Ch 13 Words Part 9

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  1. reflex testing
    series of diagnostic tests to observe the body’s response to touch stimuli
  2. deep tendon reflexes
    • precision at the patellar tendon and Babinski reflex involving stimulation of the plantar surface of the foot
    • DTR
  3. vagotomy
    severing of several branches off the vague nerve
  4. anxiety disorder
    the mental state of apprehension of danger fills a person with fear over the future dominates behavior
  5. attention deficit disorder
    • short attention span and poor concentration
    • ADD
  6. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    • ADD plus hyperactivity/ hyperkinesia
    • ADHD
  7. bipolar disease
  8. affects the cognitive functions of the cerebrum, causing alternating periods of high energy and mental confusion with low energy and mental depression
  9. dementia
    impairment of mental function characterized by memory loss, disorientation and confusion
  10. dyslexia
    • reading handicap where some letters and numbers are reversed in order by the brain
    • condition of difficulty reading
  11. mania
    emotional disorder of abnormally high psychomotor activity
  12. megalomania
    individual believes they are of great fame or wealth
  13. pyromania
    obsessive fascination with fire
  14. neurosis
    emotional disorder involving a counterproductive way of managing stress
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