Ch 13 Words Part 6

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  1. anesthesiologist
    physician who manages anesthesia
  2. nerve block anesthesia
    inject made into a nerve to block the conduction of impulses between the nerve and CNS
  3. cerebral angiography
    reveal blood flow to the brain by x-ray photography
  4. computed tomography
    • procedure involving a computer ti interpret a series of x ray images and construct a 3D view of the brain
    • CT scan
  5. craniectomy
    removal of part of the cranium
  6. craniotomy
    incision made though the cranium to provide surgical access to the brain
  7. craniotome
    surgical knife used to perform craniotomy
  8. echoencephalography
    • ultrasound technology to record brain structures in search for abnormalities
    • EchoEG
  9. effectual drug therapy
    type of treatment to manage neurological disorders
  10. antianxiety
    medication that reduces anxiety
  11. anticonvulsants
    medication that convulsions in disease such a epilepsy
  12. antipyretics
    medication effective against fever
  13. antidepressants
    medication for depression
  14. antipsychotics
    medication that reduces hallucinations and confusion
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