Ch 13 Words Part 5

  1. neuroma
    tumor originating from neurons
  2. neuropathy
    disease affecting any part of the nervous system
  3. polyneuropathy
    many parts of the brain are affected by disease
  4. paraplegia
    muscles of the legs and lower body are paralyzed
  5. monoplegia
    one limb is paralyzed
  6. hemiplegia
    paralysis on one side of the body
  7. quadriplegia
    paralysis from the neck down, including all four limbs
  8. Parkinson disease/ parkinsonism
    • chronic degenerative disease of the brain characterized by tremors, rigidity, and shuffling gait
    • PD
  9. poliomyelitis/ polio
    • inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord
    • from poliovirus
  10. rabies
    • acute often fatal, infection of the CNS caused by
    • a virus
  11. ventriculitis
    inflammation of the ventricles of the brain
  12. analgesic
    most common form of pain management
  13. opioid analgesics
    analgesic for severe pain; codeine and morphine
  14. anesthesia
    primary type of pain management used during surgical procedure
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Ch 13 Words Part 5
Ch 13 Words Part 5