Ch 13 Words Part 4

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  1. epilepsy
    brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures, including convulsions and temporary loss of consciousness
  2. glioma
    neoplasm (tumor) of glial cells
  3. hydrocephalus
    abnormal increase volume of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  4. CSF shunt
    correction of hydrocephalus by draining excess fluid
  5. meningioma
    benign tumor of the meninges usually arising from the arachnoid matter and occurring within the superior sagittal sinus on top of the brain
  6. meningitis
    inflammation of the meninges
  7. meningocele
    protrusion of the meninges usually caused by a birth defect in the skull of spinal column
  8. meningomyelocele
    protrusion of the meninges and spinal cord through a defective opening in the spinal column
  9. spina bifida
    consist of meningeocele and meningomuelocele
  10. multiple sclerosis
    • disease characterized by the deterioration of the myelin sheath covering axons within the brain
    • MS
  11. myelitis
    inflammation of the spinal cord
  12. narcolepsy
    sleep disorder characterized by sudden uncontrollable episodes of sleep, attacks of paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations (dreams intruding into the wakeful state)
  13. neuritis
    inflammation of a nerve
  14. polyneuritis
    many nerves at once are inflamed
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Ch 13 Words Part 4
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