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  1. Ho chi Minh
    communist leader in north Vietnam
  2. Vietminh
    organization whose goal was to win Vietnam's Independence from foreign rule
  3. Domino Theory
    Eisenhower's theory belief that if one nation becomecs communist then the rest will follow
  4. Geneva Accords
    • Vietnam would be temporarily split at the 17th parallel¬†
    • in 2 years free elections would be held in Vietnam
  5. Vietcong
    guerilla army of South Vietnamese communists
  6. Ho Chi Minh Trail
    jungle path from South to North Vietnam
  7. Tonkin Gulf resolution
    gave the president the power to take all necessary means to repeal any armed attacks against the forces of the US
  8. William Westmoreland
    commander of the US forces in Vietnam
  9. Napalm
    gasoline based bomb that set fire to the jungel
  10. Agent orange
    most widely used defoliant in Vietnam
  11. Search and Destroy
    uprooting civilians with suspected ties to the Vietcong killing their livestock and burning their villages
  12. Credibility Gap
    lack of trust or belivability in the government during the Vietnam war
  13. Draft
    calling people into military service
  14. New Left
    youth dominated political movement of the 1960's
  15. Doves
    opposed Vietnam war
  16. Hawks
    supported Vietnam war
  17. Tet Offensive
    massive surprise attack by the Vietcong on South Vietnamese towns and cities in 1968
  18. Election of 1968
    • Hubert Humphrey- Democratic
    • Republican- Richard Nixon- Winner
  19. Vietnamization
    richard nixon's plan to gradually withdraw troops from Vietnam
  20. Henry Kissinger
    national security advisor for Richard Nixon
  21. Silent Majority
    moderate mainstream American who quietly supported the US efforts in Vietnam
  22. My Lai Massecre
    200 unarmed civilians including women and children were massacred by US troops in May 1968
  23. Kent State
    an Ohio University where the National guardsmen opened fire on students protesting the Vietnam War on May 4, 1970 wounding 9 and killing 4
  24. Pentagon Papers
    government documents that showed the government had no plan to get out of Vietnam showing they lied
  25. April 30, 1975
    South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam
  26. War Powers Act
    a law enacted in 1973 limiting the president's rights to send troops into battle without consulting Congress
  27. United Farms Workers Organizing Committee
    • a labor union formed in 1966 to seek higher wages and better working conditions for latin american farm workers in California¬†
    • Organized and led by Cesar Chavez
  28. La Raza Unida
    the 1970's they ran Latino candidates in five states and won races for mayor school boards and city councils
  29. American Indian Movement (AIM)
    frequently militant organization that was formed in 1968 to work for Native American rights
  30. Feminism
    the belief that women should have economic political and social equality with men
  31. Betty Friedan
    wrote a book called the Feminine Mystique concluding that many women felt trapped by the "comfortable concentration camp" of domestic life
  32. National Organization for Women (NOW)
    created in 1966 to pursue feminists goals
  33. Gloria Steinmen
    most famous feminist leader of the 1970's
  34. Roe v. Wade
    Supreme Court ruled that women have the right to choose an abortion during the first trimester
  35. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
    • passed by Congress in 1972 that would guarantee that both men and women would enjoy the same rights and protections under the law.¬†
    • failed to become the law by 3 states
  36. Counter Culture
    movement made up mostly of white, middle-class college youths who had grown disillusioned with the war in Vietnam and injustices in America during the 1960's
  37. Haight- Ashbury
    San Francisco district that became the "capital" of the hippie counterculture during the 1960's
  38. The Beatles
    the band that helped propel rock music into mainstream America
  39. Woodstock
    free music festival that attracted more than 400,000 young people to a farm in upstate New York in August 1969
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