Arabic Vocab Chapter 13

  1. أَخيراً
    finally, at last
  2. أَمامَ
    in front of, before
  3. مَجَلّة
    magazine, journal
  4. حَضَرَ إلی
    he came to
  5. يَحضُر إلی
    he comes to
  6. الحُضور إلی
    coming to, to come to
  7. حَضَرَ
    he attended
  8. يَحضُر
    he attends
  9. الحُضور
    to attend, attending
  10. رَجَعَ
  11. يَرجِع
  12. الرُّجوع
  13. رَغِبَ في
    he desired, he wished
  14. يَرغَب في
    he desires, he wishes
  15. الرَّغبة في
    desiring, wishing
  16. ما زلتُ
    I continue (to be), still (be/do)
  17. شَجَّعَ علی
    he encouraged (someone) to
  18. يُشَجَّع علی
    he encourages (someone) to
  19. التَّشْجيع علی
    encouraging (someone) to
  20. ظَنَّ أنّ
    he thought that
  21. ظَنَنْتُ أنّ
    I thought that
  22. يَظُنّ أنّ
    he thinks that
  23. الظَّنّ
    thinking that, to think that
  24. يَعني
    it means
  25. الغُربة
    longing for one's native land; feeling of being a stranger
  26. فُرْصة ج. فُرَص
    opportunity, chance
  27. فَشِلَ في
    he failed (optional in)
  28. يَفْشَل في
    he fails (in)
  29. الفَشَل في
    failing (in), to fail (in)
  30. فَضَلَ
    he dismissed, he fired (from a job)
  31. يَفصِل
    he dismisses, he fires (from a job)
  32. الفَصْل
    dismissing, firing (from a job)
  33. اِستَقَرَّ
    he settled down, he became stable
  34. يَسْتَقِرّ
    he settles down, he becomes stable
  35. الاِستِقرار
    settling down, becoming stable
  36. مقالة ج. -ات
    article (e.g., in a newspaper or journal)
  37. كَذٰلِك
    likewise, also
  38. مُناسِب
    appropriate, suitable
  39. اِنْتَهی مِن
    he finished (something)
  40. ينتَهي من
    he finishes (something)
  41. الاِنْتِهاء من
    finishing, to finish (something)
  42. وَجَدَ
    he found
  43. يَجِد
    he finds
  44. لم أجِد
    ما وَجَدتُ
  45. وَظيفة ج. وَظائف
    job, position
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