Bostcastle Flood Case Study Notes

  1. When was the Bostcastle Flood?
    16th August, 2004
  2. How much rainfall fell in 2 hours?
    60mm of rainfall (typically a month's rainfall) fell in two hours
  3. Name of Previous Factor
    The ground was already saturated
  4. Name the 3 tributary rivers which meet Bostcastle at the confluence?
    River Valency, Jordan, and Paradise. A large quantity of water all arrived within a short space of time causing the rivers to overflow.
  5. Is the Bostcastle flood an example of flooding in a MEDC or a LEDC?
  6. Name the effects
    - Homes, businesses and cars belonging to more than 1,000 people were swept away.

    - Lots of income was lost through tourism
  7. How many deaths?
    0! Because of this being an MEDC flood, very good rescue services and flood management.
  8. What was done to prevent future floods in Bostcastle?
    They have widened the channel from 5m to 10m and deepened it by 1m.

    Dead trees have been cut back to avoid them getting caught up in any future floods

    A new ultra thin concrete bridge has been built which will not be blocked

    Emergency flood relief and defensive walls have been installed in the village
  9. Causes were human or natural?
    Mainly natural with the freak amount of rain, although Bostcastle lies in a valley and the impermeable tarmac on the roads increases surface run-off.
  10. Social impacts?
    Lots homes and business
  11. More Social..
    84 cars wrecked
  12. Economic impacts?
    Major loss of tourism
  13. Much much damage did it cost overall?
  14. Environmental impacts
    Floods caused habitats to be destroyed. Also the surge of cars into the sea polluted with petrol spills
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