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  1. United Nations
    Created by 50 countries led by Britain, the Soviet Union, the US, and Canada; 4 goals are to keep world peace and prevent new wars, encourage cooperation among nations, defend human rights and help promote equality, and improve the standard of living for all nations.
  2. General Assembly
    Represents all UN members; empowered to discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting world peace.
  3. Security Council
    Responsible for maintaining world peace and has the power to force the members of the UN to carry out its decisions.
  4. Secretariat
    Made up of thousands of clerks, interpreters, translators and technical experts.
  5. International Court of Justice
    Located in the Hague (in the Netherlands) and is also known as the World Court; makes rulings on disputes submitted by members. It also gives legal advice to the Assembly and the Security Council.
  6. Bipolar World
    Emerged after WWII; there were two new superpowers, the US and the Soviet Union.
  7. Cold War
    An ideological struggle of ideas between the US and the Soviet Union; a fight for power and influence on a global scale.
  8. Domino Theory
    One of the two essential concepts of understanding the Cold War; fuelled the idea of containment: Americans feared that once one country was pulled into a Communist camp, then all the surrounding countries would be soon to follow.
  9. Satellite States
    A new concept in the Cold War; the six countries controlled by the Soviet Union
  10. Iron Curtain
    Divided communist and non-communist states in Europe.
  11. Truman Doctrine
    The policy to support free peoples around the world who were resisting subjugation (people living in countries threatened by communism).
  12. The Policy of Containment
    The policy of containing/halting the spread of communism by providing economic aid and military support to people threatened by communism.
  13. Marshall Plan
    Offered billions of dollars in aid of war-torn European economies to help them resist the advance of communism.
  14. Gouzenko Affair
    Marked the beginning of the Cold War in Canada.
  15. The Red Scare
    The massive fear of communism.
  16. Berlin Blockade Crisis
    Resulted when the western powers decided to introduce a new currency in West Germany, which the Soviet Union refused to accept in Berlin.
  17. NATO
    The North Atlantic Theory Organization; formed in 1949 and designed for mutual defence.
  18. Warsaw Pact
    Developed in response to NATO as a defensive alliance to the Soviet Union and its satellite states.
  19. Nuclear Parity
  20. MAD
    Mutually Assured Destruction.
  21. Korean War
    Demonstrated to the world that members of the UN were willing to take action.
  22. UNEF
    United Nations Emergency Force; to keep the combatants apart while settlement for the Suez Crisis was worked out.
  23. Suez Crisis
    Egyptian President Nasser seized the Suez Canal from Britain and France, and in response Britain and France joined Israel to attack Egypt, which made the Soviet Union side with Egypt.
  24. Vietnam War
    A war between the North (Communist) and the South (anti-Communist and partially democratic) of Vietnam.
  25. Client War
    American involvement in the Vietnam War; Americans fought on behalf of the South Vietnam client.
  26. Draft Dodgers
    Young Americans who moved to Canada to evade the military draft.
  27. Cyprus
    A Mediterranean island.
  28. Veterans
    People who served actively in the army, navy, or air-force.
  29. CANDU Reactor
    Created by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; intended to be use for safe and efficient production of electricity.
  30. John F. Kennedy
    President of the US, who was driven down a street in Dallas, Texas in 1963. He was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. In the following year, a series of assassination occurred.
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