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    • The ML-4 survivsl kit is attached to the parachute harness by
    • One ejector snsp assembly and one non ejector snap
  1. The advanced concept ejection seat II (ACES II) survival kit must not be packed to weigh less than
    10 or more than 40 pounds
  2. What actions may be taken if an advanced concepts ejection seat II (ACES II) survival kit has a hole in the container assembly flaps?
    Darn or patch with a single, outside patch
  3. When using a soft type kit, what is the minimum clearance required on each side of an ejection seat survival kit between the kit and a seat with an air crew sitting on it?
    1/4 inch
  4. Which aircraft maintenance symbol is used when the aircraft condition is unsatisfactory but does not warrant grounding of the aircraft or discontinuing use of the equipment?
    Red diagonal (/)
  5. What action is required to indicate that an individual has completed the required maintenance on an aircraft or related equipment?
    A black last name initial entered over the symbol
  6. How many sizes are available for the air ace survival vest?
  7. The airsave vest is constructed with fire retardant coated
    Nylon mesh
  8. The air save is intended to be warn over top of the
    Torso harness
  9. How often do you perform a periodic inspection to an in service vest?
    180 days
  10. What is the maximum number of times that in aircrew body armor (ABA) cover should be washed?
  11. What is the maximum temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, the water must be when washing the aircrew body armor cover?
    105F + or - 5F
  12. On the lensatic compass each click on the bezel rings represents
    3 degrees
  13. One way of identifying the night end of the MK-13 MOD 0 distress signals in total darkness and without the aid of artificial light is by the
    Ring of embossed projections below the closure
  14. How often must you perform a periodic inspection on one man life rafts?
    Every year + or - 10 days
  15. What is the periodic inspection interval for the 46 man life raft?
    Every three years + 10 days
  16. During a periodic inspection of life preservers what percentage of the set (lot) is functionally tested?
  17. Which form is yellow and contains an inventory list for accessory kits?
    AFTO Form 337, life raft container inspection record
  18. One purpose of the Air Force technical order AFTO Form 46 is to
    Document preservers propositions on an aircraft
  19. What color vacuum hose do you use to help reduce tripping hazards?
  20. What equipment item is not used to indicate air pressure?
    Dial push pull gauge
  21. What is the dial push pull gauge designed to measure?
    Compression and tension
  22. What is the correct settings for the aft poise block when weighing an LPU-10/P carbon dioxide cylinder?
    100 gram notch
  23. On a digital scale what key switches the display from kilograms to decimal pounds?
  24. The LPU10P uses a FLU-1P that incorporates a cell venting capability which eliminates the need for a
    Breather clip
  25. What color are the bladders on the LPU1P life preserver?
    Yellow with a black cover
  26. During which inspection procedure do you not open the life preservee?
  27. What type of inspection do you perform on flotation equipment when the equipment status is questionable?
  28. How many LPU-10P life preservers out of 100 will require a functional test?
  29. What is the minimum allowable corrected pounds per square inch pressure during the 6 hours leak test of the LPU10P?
    1.5 psi
  30. What is the acceptable direct current voltage reading during the FLU9B/P battery test?
    12.0 VDC
  31. During the leakage test of the the LPU38P the initial pounds per square inch pressure you must inflate the bladder to is
    3.25 psi
  32. During the leakage test of the the LPU38P the minimum pounds per square inch pressure allowed on bladders to pass a test after at least 1 hour is
    2.50 psi
  33. What item do you center on top of the last fold after completion of the folding procedure on the LPU 10P cell?
    Oral inflation valve
  34. When closing the LPU38P container using the top side folding procedure the top should form a fold approximately how many inches wide?
  35. When closing the LPU38P container what is the required inch pound torque value on the exterior?
    12 to 15 inch pounds
  36. When fitting the LPU10P life preserver to a crew member, where are the containers placed?
    Below the armpits
  37. How is the tacking of excess straps on the LPU38P secured?
    Surgeons not followed by a locking knot
  38. How many primary inflators are on an A-A 50652 life preserver?
    2 singles
  39. What is the length of the nylon lanyard that is attached to the D-ring or waist strap on an adult child preserver?
    10 feet
  40. Which item is needed to remove air from the A-A50652 life preserver?
    Deflation adapter
  41. If you check the sea dye-marker and the dye has hardened,
    It will still work but will take longer to dissolve
  42. During inspection of the water activated lights, check the battery case for cracks and
  43. What setting should a multi-meter be adjusted to when checking a water activated light?
  44. What type of gas cylinder is used to inflate the A-A50652 life preserver?
    Carbon dioxide co2
  45. When packing the A-A 50652 life preserver where do you position the inflators?
    Bottom of container
  46. Sealed and safety tied portions of the life preservers should not be opened for the
    Periodic inspection
  47. A life preserver is considered beyond repair when which condition is present?
    Valve stems separating
  48. What is the required size of the cell protector for the LPU10P?
    3 and1/2 by 4 and 1/2 inches
  49. What length of pile tape is required for the hook and pile cell connector on an LPU10P?
    12 inches
  50. The purpose of the ballasts bags on the LRU-16P one man life raft is to
    Stabilize boarding
  51. How is the floor inflated on the LRU 16p raft?
    By oral inflation
  52. How is the oral inflation tube on the LPU16P flotation tube identified?
    The tube is either solid red or it is has red tape wrapped around it
  53. The purpose of the spray shield on an LRU16 P life raft is to
    Protect the individual from rain
  54. What is the required torque value in inch pounds for securing the carbon dioxide cylinder an LRU16P life raft?
    50 to 60
  55. When an LPU38P life raft is functional tested what is the approximate time that the raft should inflate to its designated shape and size?
    30 seconds
  56. When performing an LRU16P buoyancy tube twist check what size blocks are used and where are they positioned?
    3and 1/2 inch, diagnally
  57. When inflating a spray shield on a life raft what pressure inch pounds per square inch must you ensure the air source does not exceed?
    5 psi
  58. What is the minimum and maximum time an inflated LRU16p life raft can sit during a test?
    6 hours; 8 hours
  59. When figuring correct pressure which number is added or subtracted to the final pressure reading for each 1 degree F change in temperature?
  60. On a one-man raft what size lettering should be marked on the raft to annotate the date inspected?
    1/4 to 1/2 inch
  61. The purpose of securing the sea anchor on a one-man draft is to
    Prevent the bow from raising during boarding
  62. What is the purpose of the adapter clip used with the LPU16P raft?
    Prevents inadvertent release of the swag ball
  63. The purpose of the diffuser on a multi place life raft is to
    Break up the direct blast of carbon dioxide
  64. What is used to inflate the 25 man life raft
    Compressed air augmented by ambient air
  65. When fully configured the 46 man life raft weighs approximately
    200 pounds
  66. When the F2B life raft is functional tested what is the approximate time in which the rest should inflate to its designed shape?
    60 seconds
  67. One hour after completing the functional test, what will be the compartment differential pressure range in pounds per square inch for the F2B life raft?
    1.5 to 2.2 psi
  68. What is the required torque range in inch pounds for installing the carbon dioxide cylinder to the F2B life raft?
    140 to 150 inch pounds
  69. What is the last thing you must do prior to folding the F2B life raft?
    Remove the equalizer tube clamp
  70. What type of knot do we use to attach the actuation line to the actuation cable on the F2B cylinder?
  71. What type of cord do you use to lace the side flaps on the wing well container?
  72. What is the shape of the 22D23585 life raft when fully inflated?
  73. The compressed air cylinder on the 25 man life raft must receive a hydrostatic test every
    3 years
  74. Where do you position the jet pumps when packing be 25 man life raft?
    Top edge of case
  75. To what pressure in pounds per square inch is the 46 man life thrift inflated during a leakage test?
    2.0 psi
  76. How long does the 46 man life raft undergo a leakage test?
    6 hours
  77. Before you pack the 46 man life raft what is the maximum overall width of the folded raft?
    16 inches
  78. What is the maximum number of patches that can be applied to the flotation tube of a single place life raft?
  79. What amount must the patch overlap the damaged area when applying a patch to any life raft?
    1 1/2 inch
  80. When you manufacture an inspection data pocket for a life raft carrying case what size material must be cut and where is the grommet positioned?
    4 by 5 inches; Centered on the 4 inch side
  81. The C5 type escape slide is packed into a
    Fiberglass breakaway case
  82. How many jet pumps are on a KC135 type escape slide?
  83. What is the maximum time it takes for the KC135 escape slide to inflate to its design shape?
    10 seconds
  84. The KC 135 type escape slide is packed into
    An envelope type container
  85. The C5 escape slide requires a periodic inspection every
    12 months
  86. The maximum number of non parallel lamps that can be allowed to be inoperative on the C5 escape slide is
  87. When folding and packing the C5 escape slide how much do you rotate the right side jet pumps?
    90 degrees clockwise
  88. What size loops do you form when securing the KC135 slide tie patches?
    5/16 inch
  89. You fold the KC135 escape slide to achieve an overall width of
    23 inches
  90. During the packing process of a KC135 slide, when are you required to remove the vacuum adapter?
    After inserting the slide into the container
  91. What is the recommended shape of a C5 escape slide repair patch?
  92. kc135 cylinders are condemned if 4,380 pressurizations have been met or after how many years from the date of the first test?
  93. What is the main difference between the C5 and the KC135 cylinder inspections?
    Inspection or test
  94. The AN/PRC 112B1 radio acts as a transponder supplying
    Bearing and distance ranging pulses and personal ID information
  95. What beacon megahertz frequencies does the AN/PRC112 series radio contain?
    121.5 and 243 MHz
  96. The ultra high frequency satellite communications SATCOM mode supports two way secure messaging/geopositions (location idenifier) between the AN/Grc-242 radio set base station and the AN/PRQ-7 radio set (HHR) through a
    UHF SATCOM channel
  97. How many trailing antenna(s) is the AN/URT-44 PLB equipped with?
  98. On what two megahertz frequencies can the URT-44 provide homing signals?
    121.5 and 243 MHz
  99. What is the flash rate for the MS-2000M strobe light?
    50 + or - 10 flashes per minute
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