1. Which of these criteria does not meet the requirements for 5 level upgrade?
    Twelve months time in service (TIS)
  2. You are not eligible to begin 7 level upgrade training until you have
    Been selected for promotion to E-5, staff sergeant
  3. Who is directly responsible for the work done by the shop personnel?
    Aircrew flight equipment craftsman/supervisor
  4. Who determines the facility, equipment, supply, and storage requirements of the aircrew flight equipment (AFE) unit?
    AFE superintendent
  5. What air force instruction lists your personal responsibilities to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible?
  6. When handling explosives what is the minimum number of ABC fire extinguishers that must be readily available?
  7. All protective equipment must meet the standards listed by
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSHA)or American National Standards Institute(ANSI)
  8. A ground accident occurrence is defined as being on
    Or off air force bases.
  9. What is the maximum pounds per square inch you can use for cleaning work benches?
  10. What color are carbon dioxide cylinders other than the 12 to 28 grams size?
  11. How is a jet engine plane of rotation usually indicated on an aircraft fuselage?
    A red stripe
  12. To identify ground safety pins, you must look for the attached
    Red streamers
  13. Which item may be a cause of foreign object damage FOD?
    All of the above
  14. For cleaning purposes, you should never use compressed air greater than what number of pounds per square inch (psi)
  15. What does fire symbol 3 indicate?
    Facility contains ammunition and explosives capable of producing a mass fire.
  16. What does fire symbol 4 mean?
    Facility contains ammunition and explosives capable of producing a moderate fire
  17. The colors of a radiation placard are
    Magenta and yellow
  18. What information does an explosive facility license contain?
    Location and quantities of explosives authorized
  19. What equipment can you as an aircrew flight equipment journeyman operate?
    Only items you are trained and authorized to use
  20. What can you do to ensure maximum benefits from tools and reduce the chances of serious injury?
    Observe all safety guidelines
  21. Using damaged tools is not a correct tool habit, why?
    Damaged tools can damage the item you are working on
  22. Which piece of safety equipment is used to limit damage from falling objects?
    Safety shoes
  23. What are the different types of screwdrivers normally used in an aircrew flight equipment shop?
    Common, cross-tip, Cross-point, offset jeweler's and ratchet
  24. You can identify the phillips screwdriver by its
    Cross-tip and blunt end
  25. When using a screwdriver, how can you prevent damage to the screw slot and surface of the screw head?
    Maintain downward pressure on the screwdriver
  26. What two wrenches have been combined to make up a combination wrench?
    Open-end and box
  27. You identify socket sets by their
    Drive size
  28. What is one rule to follow when using an adjustable wrench to remove a nut?
    Ensure a tight fit on the nut
  29. A drift punch is used to
    Remove shafts and pins
  30. What are two types of woodworking chisels?
    Socket and tang
  31. How do you remove a hollow punch from a lead block?
    Twist it out
  32. How do you hand shears to another person?
    Closed and offer the handle
  33. What type of stone should be used to sharpen shears?
    Fine to medium
  34. If a power tape is about to snap back into itself, the
    Hook end can shear off
  35. If a long measuring tape is allowed to sag, it
    Can increase the measurement
  36. What is the purpose of an awl?
    Find and punch holes
  37. What type of hand needle is best suited for installing hidden stitches?
  38. The parachute packing paddle can be made out of any suitable strong and pliable materials except
  39. What can result if you do not use stencil paper in the stencil machine?
    The dies and punches can become dull
  40. Besides being of sufficient length and width to hold the complete parachute assembly, which characteristics meet the specialized requirements for parachute packing tables?
    Sturdy, sealed wood finish
  41. Why are shot bags brightly colored?
  42. What type of grommets are used for heavy duty applications?
  43. What is the advantage of the portable press?
    The ability to be used in tight places
  44. Which snap fastener installation press it to be used as a last resort?
  45. When using an adjustable snap fastener press, what distance is required between the chuck and die in the press?
    1/32 of an inch
  46. Which format would normally indicate the calibration due date of 8 January 2009 on an inspection label for a test, measurement and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) item?
    Julian date (09008)
  47. After using torque devices, what must you do to the device?
    Set to lowest setting
  48. What tester tests combined advanced technology enhanced design "G" ensemble (combat edge) equipment but requires a compressed air or oxygen cylinder?
  49. Which testers(s) use a 9v battery as a power source?
    DHM-1 and multimeter
  50. Which type of technical order (TO) do you use to find the status of all TOs within a specific TO category?
  51. Which technical order is referred to as the index of indexes?
  52. While they may be printed in parts, job guides (JG) provide
    Detailed procedures for on-aircraft maintenance
  53. Technical order numbers always begin with the TO
  54. Urgent action time compliance technical orders (TCTO) must be accomplished within a maximum of how many days?
  55. What type of technical orders establish policies and are not issued against military systems?
    Methods and procedures technical order(MPTO)
  56. Methods and procedures technical orders differ from TOs dealing with specific equipment because they
    Are general in nature
  57. Which letter designation in the technical order number designates a fighter aircraft
  58. The first part of a technical order numbering system identifies the
    Equipment categories
  59. Which technical order would be found in TO binder with a binder label reading 14P4-1-151 through 15X5-4-1-101?
  60. Changed pages of technical order page supplements are filed facing the
    Page containing outdated instructions
  61. If you discover a deficiency in a technical order how do you correct the problem?
    Submit an AFTO Form 22
  62. Within how many calendar days after your submittal of a routine report must replies be sent?
  63. What element of supply would you contact if you wanted to obtain steel toed boots?
    Retail sales
  64. What element of supply would you contact to turn in equipment ?
    Equipment management
  65. What element of supply is the first point in the process when ordering supplies?
    Demand processing
  66. The responsibility of a person to make good on any loss destruction or damage of government property caused by misuse or negligence is known as what type of liability?
  67. The term custodian as applied to the air force supply system, refers to a
  68. If property is not serviceable it is turned in and transfered to the
    Receipt in place location RIPL
  69. The last nine digits of a national stock number NSN is known as the
    National item identification number
  70. An exampl of an expendable supply item would be a
  71. What form do equipment custodians use to request turn in of equipment on the custodian authorization/custody receipt listing (CA/CRL)?
    AF form 601 or AF Form 2005
  72. Which condition tag do you use to identify a serviceable survival kit?
    DD Form 1574
  73. An HGU-55/P helmet was brought to your shop for repair; however, not all the parts have been received from supply to make the necessary repairs. What condition tag do you attach to the helmet?
    DD Form 1577-2
  74. Which supply control document lists the status of accountable and controled assets?
    Due-in from maintenance listing
  75. What form do you use to temporarily issue equipment?
    AF Form 1297
  76. What Air Force instruction (AFI) requires your shop to have a budget?
    AFI 11-301V1
  77. By having a detailed budget, your shop is
    Able to justify everything you need to complete your mission
  78. We write our budgets for how many fiscal years in advance?
  79. The expandability, recoverability, repairability cost (ERRC) designator code that identifies due-in from maintenance (DIFM) items is
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