CRIM 2251

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  1. Availability Heuristic
    make violence seem more widespread and frequent than it really is (media & politicians)
  2. Criminal Homocide
    • Causing the death of another person without legal justification/excuse
    • Divided into two categories:
    • Murder
    • Non-negligent manslaughter
  3. Negligent manslaughter
    Killing another a s aresult of recklessness or culpable negligence
  4. Aggravated assault
    assault become aggravated when the intention is to inflict serious bodily harn
  5. Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy
    Where a parent consistently brings in a child for medical attention; falsified symptoms
  6. neonaticide
    Killing of a newborn within 24 hours of life
  7. Fillicide
    killing of a child older than 24 hours
  8. Patricide
    killing ones father
  9. Siblicide
    killing ones sibling
  10. Matricide
    killing ones mother
  11. Sororicide
    killing ones sister'
  12. fratricide
    killing ones brother
  13. parricide
    killing one or more parents
  14. Cycle of violence hypothesis
    "abuse breeds abuse"
  15. Coercian theory
    punitive tactics in parenting increases the liklihood of later aggressive
  16. Investigative psychology
    application of psychological research and principles to the investigation of criminal behvaiour
  17. Modus Operandi
    Refers to the actions and procedures an offender engages in to commit a crime
  18. personation or signature
    Anything that goes beyond what is necessary to commit a crime
  19. Staging
    intentional alteration of a crime scene
  20. Autoeroticism
    self arousal and self gratification without a partner
  21. undoing
    behavioural pattern found at the scene in which the offender tries to psychologically undo the murder
  22. organized crime scene
    indicated premediation
  23. Disorganized crime scene
    indicates no premediation or planning
  24. Disorganized crime scene
    • indicates planned and unplanned organization
    • most common
  25. Criminal profiling
    process of identifying personal traits, behavioural patterns, geo, and demo features of an offender based on the characteristics of the crime
  26. Geographical profiling
    Determining probably area of the next crime of the unknown offender
  27. Equivocal death analaysis
    reconstructuion of the emotional life, behavioural patterns, and cognitive features of a deceased person
  28. Family mass murder
    When 3 or more members of a family are killed
  29. Classic mass murder
    when an individual himself in a public place randomly killing patrons
  30. Mass murder
    killing 3 or more ppl at a single location
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