ITOS Chapter 10 Windows Server 2003

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  1. Active Directory permissions that control whether users or groups can read of modify the attributes associated with Active Directory objects.
    Attribute-level Permissions
  2. The Client software component of Software Update Services.
    Automatic Updates Client
  3. The wizard available in Active Directory Users and Computers to simplify the delegation of administrative authority.
    Delegation of Control Wizard
  4. The mode used to install a program that will be used in a Terminal Services environment.
    Install Mode
  5. The extension associated with a saved Microsoft Management Console File.
    Management Saved Console (MSC)
  6. Active Directory permissions that control the level to which a user can modify an object such as a user account.
    object-level permissions
  7. The client software used to connect to a server running Terminal Services or Remote Desktop for Administration
    Remove Desktop Connection
  8. A feature that allows administrators to remotely connect to the desktop of a Windows Server 2003 system for administrative purposes.
    Remove Desktop for Administration
  9. A feature that allows users to open certain administrative tools or issue commands using alternate credentials.
    Secondary Logon
  10. A server application designed to add control and flexibility over the deployment of security patches and hot fixes to client and server systems on a network.
    Software update Services (SUS)
  11. A Windows Server 2003 feature that allows users to connect to a Windows Server 2003 system and interact with applications as if sitting at the server console.
    Terminal Services
  12. The normal running mode for a Terminal Services environment.
    User Mode
  13. The Windows feature that allows operating systems to download service packs, patches and hot fixes them from Microsoft in an automated fashion rather than by manual download.
    Windows Update
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