Art History Romanesque

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    1. Started in 526-547 ce

    2. Were under the rule of ostrogoths when they started it, but not finished it

    3. Most of it was built in the 540s

    4. Finished in 547 ce Benzinean church

    5. Octagon shaped

    6. Inside is covered in Mosaics

    7. Used glass pieces in angles to make the mosaics seem glittery when reflected by the sun

    8. Mosaic were very flat, big heads, small feet, theodore wearing purple for royalty

    9. Justinian and Theodora mosaic

    10. In a city Ravenna in Italy 

    11. Justinian and Theodora mosaic are on either side of the alter

    12. Made with Ancient Roman bricks

    13. Only stone in it is marble

    14. This is the San Vitale Cathedral
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    1. This is the Last Judgement Tympanum

    2. Tympanum- means half circle

    3. Located at the west portal of the cathedral of st. lazarus

    4. Represents the last judgement

    5. Shows christ at his second coming

    6. Christ is frontal, separating the people that are saved and the ones going to eternal damnation

    7. Angles sounding trumpets for the apocalypse

    8. Dead people are rising from the graves

    9. Side of the people that are going to eternal damnation and shows their life on the scale by the angel Michael

    10. Devils trying to tip the scales in their favor

    11. Saved souls that went through the scale process, hanging on to Michael

    12. Devils distinguished by open mouths, big teeth, furry bird like legs, a bit of human attributes

    13. Carvings were meant to tell the people the story since most people at the time couldn’t read

    14. May this terror terrify those whose earthly error binds- inscription

    15. Church was built when they found the bones of St. Lazarus, cica 120-125 ce

    16. St. Lazarus bones were buried in the cathedral

    17. Located in Autun, France

    12. One of the first medieval monumental sculpture

    13.Virgin Mary is enthroned
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    1. Isnt a tapestry at all, not woven

    2. 20 inches tall, 230 feet long

    3. Embroidered linen frieze

    4. 50 scenes left that recorded the norman battle

    5. 1066 ce it was made

    6. Halley's comet is being described on the bayeux tapestry

    7. It’s a continuous frieze

    8. Made by English needle women

    9. It was founded hanging in the Bayeux Cathedral in the 18th century 

    10. The arrow sticking out of Harold Godwinson's eye would appear in a later condition
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