Gross Anatomy - Upper Limb

  1. What does the Lateral pectoral invest ?
    Where is the Axillary Fascia Located ?
    Where is the clavipectoral fascia located ?
    What is the function of the suspensory ligmanet of the Axillary Fascia ?
    • -Pectoralis Major 
    • -Floor of arm pit
    • -Clavicle pectoral region
    • -It holds up the Axillary fascia
  2. What is the function of the Brachial Fascia ?
    What is the function of the Medial and lateral intermuscular septa ?
    • -To enclose the arm
    • -Seperate the posterior and anterior muscles of the humerus.
  3. What is the purpose of antebrachial fascia ?
    What separates the posterior and anterior forearm muscles ?
    • -To enclose the forearm muscles 
    • -the interosseous membrane
  4. Where is the extensor retinaculum and the flexor retinaculum ?
    -Extensor retinaculum is on the anterior portion of the wrist and the Flexor retinaculum is on the posterior portion of the wrist.
  5. What does the carpal tunnel reserve passage for ?
    The median nerve and tendons of the flexor muscles
  6. What is the function of the palmar aponeurosis and where can it be found ?
    It covers the central surface of the palm
  7. What is the mammary gland ?
    How far to the ducts expand ?
    How far does breast extend on the ribs ?
    What is the retromammary space ?
    • -modified sweat glands 
    • -not beyond the areola
    • -2nd to the 6th. attach to sternum and to midaxillary line
    • -A space that separates the pectoralis major and the ducts.
  8. Why are the breast lymph nods important in cancer ?
    If the cancer were to metastasize it would spread through the lymph nodes.
  9. Where do the lateral and medial quadrants of the breast drain ?
    • Lateral = Anterior axillary or posterior nodes
    • Medial = Internal thoracic nodes
  10. What does the clavicle bone provide for the humerus ?
    Acts as a strut to keep it lifted
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