art121 (3D)

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  1. abstract
    a term usually used to describe "non-objective" & "non- representational" art.
  2. academic
    a approach to the art that stresses standard, conventional rules of organization as contrasted to more emotional, vital original expression
  3. additive sculpture
    3-dimensional work made by putting pieces of material together to build up a form
  4. content(meaning)
    the essential meaning, significance, or aesthetic value of an art form
  5. design
    a framework or scheme of pictorial construction upon which the artist bases the formal organization of his total work
  6. economy
    deletion of nonessential details to reveal the essence a form
  7. formal
    relating to or involving outward form or structure
  8. geometric shapes
    those shapes that are regular in character & follow exact rules of mathematical construction
  9. linear
    of or relating to a line or lines
  10. participatory sculpture
    3D art designed to engage the viewer physically
  11. tension
    the act, condition or effect of exerting force on someone or something
  12. visual weight
    the apparent lightness or heaviness of a work or a portion of a work
  13. spatial presence
    the size & impact of the field in which a 3D work is experienced. this field may not stop at the physical bounders of the work.
  14. scale
    the size of an object in relation to other objects and its surrounding
  15. form
    the volume & shape of a 3D work, perhaps including unfilled areas that are integral to the work as a whole
  16. static form
    a 3D work that appears stationary
  17. craft
    the manual skill & aesthetic sensitivity present in a work of art, sometimes as opposed to content
  18. stylized
    altering the visual characteristics of a n object to fit a desired way of design or cultural aesthetic
  19. harmony
    combination or adaption of parts, elements, or related things so a to form a consistent and orderly whole
  20. proportion
    a sense of appropriateness in the size relations of different of a dividing line or plane or around a center of axis. the state of having two halves that are mirror images of each other
  21. 3D
    having height, width,and depth
  22. 2D
    having height and width
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