french revolution study guide

  1. what is the first estate
    the clergy (priest)
  2. what is the second estate?
  3. what is the third estate
    everyone else (peasants/poor, merchants, middle class)
  4. What was the King forced to do that had not been done in over 170 years? Which King?
    Louis XVI was forced to call the estates-general
  5. What was the first stage of the revolution called? and who did it involve?
    the aristocratic revolution- a revolt of the nobility against the king;
  6. What year did they get a Constitution?
  7. Who was involved in the third stage of the revolution?
    Mass revolution where the great mass of the common people below the bourgeoisie begin to rise up,
  8. What did the national assembly end?
    • The lords' privileges of collecting land taxes and privileges over peasants in courts of law.
    • Everyone must now pay taxes.
    • All may run for public office.
    • Feudalism was abolished.
  9. what became the new slogan of the Frenchman after the Third Stage of the Revolution?
    liberty equality and fraternity
  10. what is the Counter Revolution?
    • growing hostility between social classes.
    • clergy and nobility were not happy with the loss of wealth and privileges.
    • many became emigres and traitors and helped other countrys plot against france
  11. what happened during the reign of terror?
    • 40,000 people died and hundreds of thousands arrested.
    • atheism ruled.
    • removal of all things christian including changing the calender,
    • movement to elimitnate social classes and make all frenchmen equal
  12. Who joined the revolution during the second stage?
    Some of the priest (First Estate)
  13. What was the National Convention responsibility?
    Rule temporarily and to write a new Constitution.
  14. What was the first thing the National Convention did?
    Executed Louis XVI (convicted as a traitor), and later Queen Marie Antoinette
  15. Who was the associated with the Committee of Public Safety or "Reign of Terror"
  16. What ended the Reign of Terror?
    Robespierre is denounced as a tyrant, arrested, and executed.
  17. Who became the most powerful force in the Estates General Assembly after the first stage?
    the third estate (middle class and peasants)
  18. During which stage was the Bastille stormed? When was it?
    • the third stage
    • July 4, 1789
  19. During the third stage what did Louis XVI tell the nobles and clergy to do?
    go ahead and all join in the national assembly
  20. During the second stage what did the Third Estate declare?
    Declares itself to be the National Assembly & the official representative body of all of France.
  21. What began the aristocratic revolution known as the bourgeoise revolution?
    The Third class declaring itself as the National Assembly.
  22. During what stage did some nobles joined the National Assembly.
    Second Stage
  23. what is a state general called?
  24. what are french protestant?
  25. where was Napoleon final defeat?
    battle of waterloo
  26. what was louis XIV nickname?
    sun king
  27. where was the place that louis XIV built and lived in?
  28. first Protestant king of France?
    Henry IV
  29. king who reigned over 70 years?
    louis XIV
  30. dark age for france?
    age of enlightment
  31. what is a bourgeoisie?
    middle class
  32. after the revolution what system was abolished?
  33. what kind of government did france have?
  34. what did the people on the right believe?
    the wanted the revolution to stop
  35. what did the people in the center believe?
    they were happy about how things were
  36. what did the people on the left believe?
    they wanted the revolution to keep going
  37. what were the people on the lefts nickname?
    jacoben club
  38. who was the most extreme jacoben who took control of things?
  39. what was Robespierre reign called?
    reign of terror
  40. what was the spiritual power of France?
  41. what is atheism?
    they dont believe in any gods
  42. who declared Napoleon emperor?
    the pope
  43. who crowned Napoleon emperor?
  44. what was Napoleon's wife named?
  45. what did France own when Napoleon ruled?
    all of the contenant of europe
  46. who was the greatest hero ever known?
    lord Nelson
  47. what was the Continental system?
    a system set by Napoleon to keep people from trading with other countries
  48. what was the french assembly of representatives?
  49. what was the Franco Prussian war fought over?
    who would succeed to the spanish throne
  50. what revolution forced the king to flee?
    July revolution
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