1.2 Matters of Life and Death

  1. Christian Beliefs in Life after Death
    • Protestants: some protestants believe that there is no hell.
    • Evangelical: Believe in resurrection. Jesus's body was raised after death.
    • Catholics: Believe in purgatory where souls of the dead will be sent to be cleansed.
  2. Affect of belief in life after death in Christians
    • Confession: Repent for sins
    • Prayer: Pray regularly and communicate with God.
    • Live within guidelines of Church and Bible.
    • Vocation: Dedicate life to God through jobs like docter, priest, nun, minister
  3. Islamic beliefs about life after death
    • Sha'ria teaches that all Muslims will be judged by Allah in the afterlife.
    • Islam teaches that the good will be rewarded and the evil, punished.
    • Qur'an says we came from Allah and to him we must return.
    • Prophet's hadith state that those who lead a good life will go to Jannah
  4. Affect of belief in life after death for Muslims
    • Muslims try to follow the teachings of Sha'ria and Qur'an.
    • They follow example of Prophet Muhammed and try to be a good Muslim.
    • They act according to Allah's wishes, caring for others and not causing harm.
    • They try to please Allah as they know they will be judged in the afterlife.
  5. Non-religious beliefs in life after death
    • Near Death Experiences: Patients report leaving their body and seeing themselves outside of their body.
    • Paranormal Activity: Unexplained events that seem to have a spiritual cause. Example ghosts, who seem to be spirits of the dead.
    • Sometimes people feel that their loved ones who have died are still with them.
    • It makes sense that good people should be rewarded and bad people, punished.
  6. Non-belief in life after death
    • There is no evidence of the afterlife.
    • Science explains everything and we should not believe in something unscientific.
    • Body decays so how can there be something after that.
    • Beliefs in Hell and Heaven are ideas used to control people's behavior.
  7. Arguments FOR Abortion
    • Women should have the right to choice - it is their body.
    • In cases of rape, abortion should be allowed.
    • Lesser of the two evils if the child is severely disabled.
    • Babies have the right to be loved and the mother can't always provide this.
  8. Arguments AGAINST Abortion
    • Life begins at conception so killing the baby is murder.
    • An embryo is potentially human so should have right to life.
    • Even disabled children have right to life.
    • We have no right to decide someone's life or death.
  9. Christian attitudes to abortion - FOR
    • Love thy neighbor
    • Lesser of the two evils if child is severely disabled
    • Golden Rule
    • Best choice if mother's life is at risk.
  10. Christian attitudes to abortion - Against
    • Thous shalt not kill
    • Sanctity of life
    • Life begins at conception
    • God has a plan for every human
  11. Muslim attitudes to abortion - Allowed
    If the mother's life is in danger as she has a established life with responsibilities.
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