Clancey Property Concurrent Estates Mod3

  1. Concurrent Estates
    Estates in land which are held at the same time by two or more pesons, each having the right to enjoyment and possession of the land at the same time.
  2. Joint Tenancy
    A form of concurrent ownership whereing each co-tenant owns an undivided share of property and the surviving co-tenant takes the deceased's share free of his interest.
  3. Tenancy in Common
    A concurrent estate with no right of survivorship. Each owner has a distinct, proportionate, undivided interest in property which is freely alienable by inter vivos and testamentary transfer.
  4. Tenancy by the Entirety
    A concurrent estate which can only be created between husband and wife with right of survivorship. It cannot be severed without the consent of both parties.
  5. Partition
    A remedy available to a joint tenant or tenant in common to have the co-tenancy terminated and divide the common property.
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